Free SAP Crystal Presentation Design License Activation Key

Updated October 6, 2023

SAP Crystal Presentation Design is a very useful application that allows you to create flash and creative presentations in MS Excel. The original price of this outstanding software is $195, but here is a bumper offer for you to get this application for free. This application allows you to convert excel projects into interactive presentations. Along with interactive presentations, you can add 3D charts, Bar charts, Pie Charts, Graphs and other useful information in the slides.

SAP Crystal Presentation Design is a spread sheet based Dashboard, which can consolidate multiple spreed sheets into single. It enables you to present complicated calculations in a simple slide shows in order to convince the readers easily. It provides a very simple interface for business tycoons for decision making. This is a tool that can provide help to both students and business users. It also provides you the feature to make budget plans, forecasting modules and visual business analytical tools.

SAP Crystal Presentation Design also provide ROI (Return On Investment) calculator that allows you to calculate return on investment with a few clicks. Along with such features and tools it also provides other financial modules and and key operations that will help in your business.

Get Free SAP Crystal Presentation Design License Key

1. Visit the promo link and enter your information to get the license key for SAP Crystal.

SAP Crystal key

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2. Now download SAP Crystal Presentation Design and use the license key to activate it.

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