Forum Posting Still Effective For Link Building OR Not?

Updated October 6, 2023

When i started my blogging career i spend a lot of time in forums, just to build a few links for my blogs. In forums i read different threads about forum posting, every one was saying that forum posting is not helpful for link building. I was still busy in building links through forum posting. Now i am happy that thanks god i did not stopped forum posting, because i got benefits.

I notice 3 three things in my blogs success just because of forum posting.

forum posting

1. Traffic

As a blogger you will always need traffic for your blog. Traffic is blood for a blog and every webmaster works day and night just to drive traffic to there blogs and websites. The positive thing about forum posting is, that the more threads you post, the more comments you post, the more traffic you get from your contribution. That is what i did and got daily regular visitors from forums.

2. Click Through Rate

As every blogger want to earn money from there blogs using different Pay Per Click programs. One of the popular among all PPC programs is Google Adsense. Being a active member of some popular forums i notice increase in Click Through Rate for my Adsense Ads.

3. Ranking

For one of my blog, for which i was trying to get high ranking on search engine. I achieved  my aim, by just posting valuable information in forums. Where i got links in signatures for my blog. So if some one is saying you that forum posting has no value, then he is 80% wrong.

Why 80%

Because if one is going to spam a blog, and just need backlinks from forums then forums are not going to help. The only way to get benefits from forums is to add quality in the existing discussions, Starting your own threads to share useful information and Respecting senior members of the forum.

Forum posting can help you in getting high rank position for average keywords. If you are a newbie then it is recommended that join popular forums and post valuable information along with links in signature. Dofollow Forums

For me forum posting is very effective, if you are thinking that forum posting is just a waste of time. Then share your thoughts here through comments, so that our readers can know that why forum posting is not effective.


  • Hi Bilal, forum posting can be very useful if its done the correct way, however if we spam the forum our profile might be banned which results in removal of links. Mostly every forum is do follow and all we need to do is just register there and in the signature add our website link.Thanks.

  • ved prakash joshi

    I am Running Web Services Company [successfully]
    And I am Using Forums & Web 2.0 sites only and Only
    never used bookmarking , Article submisson , guest posting , directory sumisson, etc

    What Matter ? – Way of Use

  • T Westenn

    Definitely still effective. They count as inbound links.


    Yeah, it is still effective..

  • Track Lighting

    I agree with @Raj, we can get more traffic and backlinks from forums.

  • @Vienna: Selecting your desired field forums is good. But posting your details on various forums will not hurt your SEO. You will get more traffic and backlinks.

  • Let’s say for instance that you dedicate some of your time in forum posting and you choose to join more than 20 forums. Is that an issue if you are posting on too many forums just to get back-links?

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Arlod@ No that will not be a issue, instead it will benefit you in term of backlinks and traffic.

  • can anyone tell me that your forum must be related to your site or your topic must be related to your work??? like if i wanna promote my website through Forum Posting and my website is related to ERP & CRM then is this must to participate into related topic???

  • Hi Friends,
    i was thought Forum Posting does not help a lot, but now i get know it plays an important role to drive traffic, increase CTR and ranking of the website. thanking you for your blog. now i would seriously follow Forum Posting.

    once again
    thanks a lot

    with regards

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Vienna@ Forum posting is still effective in term of SEO. However select quality forums for posting.

  • seo services

    You had a nice discussion here. Yes i think forum posting still effective for link building. I also think traffic from forums are usually of very high quality.

  • Black Ink Cartridge

    Nice advice. I am also very much involved in forums. You get instant traffic and eventually website ranking will go up

  • Technoblogsite

    yes forum may help in link building if it is used wisely…

  • Pubudu @ TechHamlet

    Nice tips mate! I’ll surely try them out when i visit digitalpoint the next time 😀

  • Oh,I learned somethings in this articles.
    I will follow this useful articles.Thanks my friend

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