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List of 1000 Article Submission Websites

Link Building is one of the most important process for every webmaster. Getting high ranking on google can only be achieved if your website or blog has plenty of solid, stable and quality backlinks. There are a lot of ways through which you can build links for your blog or website. For example forum posting in dofollow forums, blog commenting, guest blogging and getting links from related blogs.

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Article Submission is also a very effective and popular method through which you can get backlinks for your blog. Although it is time consuming, but very beneficial method for getting long term links.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is just like guest blogging, where you write an article on a topic and then publish it in an article submission website. What you get in return is a quality backlink in author resource box or author bio.

Article Format

1. First of all you search for a low competitive keywords using Google Keyword Tool. Analyze competition for the keywords and then select  keywords to use in your article Title.

2. After creating a effective title, write description for your article. Make sure to include your targeted keywords in the description.

3. In the body field write your article on your targeted keywords. Maintain your keyword density and organize your article in proper way. Avoid paragraphs and include headings and sub headings to make the article more effective.

4. Include your blog or website links in the Author Resource Box and also add meta keywords or tags for the article. Select relevant category and publish the article.

Now you can submit the same article to upto 50 or 100 article submission directories. Just make sure to spin it to get your article accepted by most of the sites.

This is the concept of article submission, where you write one article and submit it to several websites. In return you get free dofollow links.

I have 1000 article submission websites list, where you can submit an article and get free links. Write at least 2 articles and submit each one to 50 websites. In this way the acceptance rate will be high.

Article Submission Websites List

Download Article Submission List

Also Submit your blog or website to 220 social bookmarking websites.

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