5 Link Building Mistakes that Freelancers Dont Care About

Updated October 6, 2023

The freelancers are important sources of online working and functions. These are important to complete almost all the tasks that are carried out by the online companies and individuals. The link building is one the most popular and important tasks for the freelancers. However, they create many mistakes that costs for sever losses and damages. These practices are common and despite of reducing the events of making these mistakes are increasing continuously. The main reason is the lack of interest and knowledge about the tasks assigned by the online employers and companies. Anyhow, there are hundreds of major and minor mistakes that freelancers don’t care about but we will list the most common but important 5 mistakes in this article.

Wrong way to develop links:

This is the first most important mistake is created by the freelancer. The main reason of this mistake is lack of interest. The link building is very important for the promotion and development of websites and blogs but if links are not developed in right way then there will be nothing for the owners who ordered the freelancers to develop the links. In this matter the only best solution is the selection of right link sources. The freelancer should select the appropriate and feasible link sources to avoid any problem in future. The selection of wrong link sources will disturb the online activities so this activity should be avoided in order to get the real advantages and benefits of online business and activities.

Making links with bad sites:

To develop links with other sites and blogs as many as possible the freelancers use the easiest methods. They don’t focus on the reputation of the websites and blogs when linking their sites. However, this practice is not ideal because it creates difficulties for the site to get good reputation in online world. The sites that are linked with the bad sources and sites face difficulties to develop an image. It is all because of bad reputation of linking sites so don’t use this method to develop the links.

Trading the links:

No doubt, everything is available online but there is etiquette to move in this world. Most of the freelancers are found involved in trading of links for link building as soon as possible. Do you buying and selling of is an online sin? The people who are involved in this activity can be banned by the search engines so care should be taken and this strategy should be avoided.

Low page ranks sites selection:

The freelancers select the online sites with low rankings to save money. It is not money saving but time wasting because low ranked sites will never give you good follow up that’s why the freelancers should avoid the low page rank sites.

Use of backline spamming:

It is another method for the link building that is deadly harmful for the online sites. In case of investigations the search engines can ban your site so the backline spamming should not be used for the link building.

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