Experiencing Luxury, Spending Less: Europe Travel Cost-Cutting Tricks

Updated October 6, 2023

Europe is such a beautiful portion of our planet, it is rich with history wherever you go; eye-pleasing architecture and art all around; diverse cuisines and mouth-watering treats; various cultural events and music festivals; seaside towns and mountain villages; and let’s not forget the young, vibrant nightlife.

However, it is worth noting that amid all these breathtaking fun opportunities, traveling to Europe, can be a little heavy on the wallet. Between currency rates and the desire to stay at the heart of each city, planning your trip financials is somewhat taxing. But don’t fret, there are ways to travel comfortably on a budget, and in this article, we will examine a few.

Travel Cost Tips

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Booking in Advance

Planning your trip can be a hassle sometimes, but if you usually wait to book your intercity trains or museum tickets when you get there, you’d be surprised at how much you can save simply by booking in advance online prior to your trip. Flights and accommodation usually get more and more expensive as your check-in date approaches; booking a few weeks or even months early will save you a great deal of price spikes. As for museums and tourist attractions; you can find discounted package deals and one-card-for-all passes at the click of a button.

Luxury Hostels

Who said you have to stay at a five-star hotel to experience luxurious accommodation? There’s a new breed of hostels in Europe that aim to create an experience for their guests. Ensuite rooms, custom built pod beds, swimming pools, saunas, and cinemas are now available at these hybrid hostels, in addition to three-course meals and wine. It’s really an innovative, out-of-the-box solution to the common challenges of accommodation at affordable rates.

Consider Cruises

Some destinations in Europe are best visited through a cruise trip. This is because so many cabins are available aboard a single cruise, offering a high supply of rooms while keeping their cost per guest to a minimum. In addition, cruise ships allow you to visit little hidden-gem coastal towns that are expensive to reach using alternative means of travel. And remember, “cruise” does not equate shabby – at all. Dreaming of visiting magical Greece? Why not consider taking one of those luxury Greek island cruises through sites that can arrange the whole process for you and where you can strike a balance between affordable and luxurious? The world is full of creative options!

Seasonal Shifts

Having a good time is not exclusive to summer, so if you can manage to travel during other seasons, by all means, go for it! In the summer, prices are at their highest; all the tourist sites and historic locations are crowded and booked up; traffic is overwhelming, and all the locals are out on their own vacations away from home. Heading to Europe off-season gives you the chance to enjoy a more authentic cultural experience, and prices for accommodation and attractions go down sometimes as steep as 40%, so you are sure to get some amazing deals.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Not much will ruin your mood faster than a pile of bills you didn’t plan for, so it’s always best to run an honest assessment of your travel budget, and what the actual costs of the trip are likely to be before booking. And remember, you are traveling to make memories and enjoy yourself, not to stress over that overpriced hotel room that you barely even saw in between all the sightseeing and the partying.

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