10 Useful OrKut Tools and Applications

Updated October 6, 2023

orkut tools and applicationsOrkut is a online social community where every mind of people meets and share there knowledge, stories, pictures and videos. It is widely use for making friends. School, Collage and Universities students are the most popular users of Orkut. It is just a another place of chatting, dating and sharing.

In this post i want to share some useful tools and applications which can help a user to use orkut in more easy and simple way. Make your orkutting more better and beautiful.

List of Orkut Tools and Applications

1. Orkut Tool Bar

A Tool bar is a shortcut way to access almost every thing from just one place. Similarly Orkut ToolBar is also a very handy way to perform all important things from inside your Toolbar. If you are using FireFox, then this is a great add-ons for your to speed up your orkut activities.

Install Tool Bar

2. Orkut Cute

Orkut cute is another cool application to manage your orkut pages. It also allow you to chat with your friends using Gtalk and yahoo messenger. You can also send scraps to your friends (Group of friends or selected friends at once).

Download Orkut Cute

3. TOrKut

TOrkut is another useful application for PC. You can send scraps and other cool things using Torkut. System requirement for torkut is 1.5hz processor, 256 Ram, 600 HDD space and window XP,Vista OR Windows 7

Download TOrKut

4. Orkut Alert

Just like google notifiers orkut alert also perform the same functionality that when ever you get a new scrap, it will notify you. It is running in your PC background with light ram usage. You can continue your other works without missing all new scraps.

Download Orkut Alert

5. Orkut Scrap Helper

Orkut Scrap helper is a firefox add-ons which helps you in creating links to various pages, send scraps to specifics members, send scraps to the whole group etc. This add-ons will also help you to post scraps in more fast way. This is worth try for all.

Install Scrap Helper

6. iGoogle with Orkut

If you are iGoogle user, then you would like to add all your favorite photos from orkut to your igoogle account. You can easily add all pictures from albums to your igoogle account using the below link.

Link Here

7. Scrap Easy

Just like the 5th orkut tool which is Orkut Scrap Helper, this is also a very handy add-ons for orkut to send or replay to a scraps without refreshing the page. This extension is using AJAX which will make easy for you to send scraps without leaving the page.

Install Scrap Easy

8. Orkut Words Generator

Spell some thing with orkut’s little “People alphabets”? What does it mean. It means that click on the below link and enter a word or name in the search box and click on “spell” button. Now see the magic.

Words Generator

9. Scrap Boy

A beautiful orkut application to allow you to access almost all popular socail media website inside from Scrap Boy and use its great features. You can use Scrap boy for orkut, to send scraps to your friends from your PC desktop. Ne need to access orkut login.

Download Scrap Boy

10. Orkut Scrapbook Searcher

This last orkut tool is a very useful firefox add-ons for all orkut users to install in there firefox browsers. After installing scrapbook searcher in your browser you will see another box at the left side of your browser, where you can search friends scraps, username and other information easily.

Install Ad-ons


  • Saksham Talwar

    Nice tools list! I will try them now itself. Sending scraps to many people at once will save a lot of time of ours when we need to scrap on occasions like New Year,etc…

  • Inside the Webb

    Orkut is great! It’s a smaller app than Facebook, but still has a ton of visitors and traffic that can draw in members to your site.

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