Useful Ipod Tips and Trick

Updated October 6, 2023

Now a days ipod is one of the most usable electronic device in youths. Almost Every school, collage and university student has a ipod for listening music in spare time. Ipod has so many features in term fo entertainment, like you can save your favorite songs, backup your ipod data in PC and so on.

I am going to share some useful tips and tricks for ipod, so that you can enjoy the power of your ipod. There are lots of tips available for ipod, but the most useful and usable tips and tricks which you may need for a ipod are listed below.

Ipod Tips and Tricks

1:- Battery Timing

Always keep the brightness of your ipod screen to the low level, so that you can enjoy more battery timing. Another tip to increase your ipod battery timing is to keep the volume low. These two factors will significantly improve your ipod battery timing.

2:- Storage Device

Only listening music is not the main function af a ipod, but you can also use your ipod as a storage device for your PC. To do this, simply go to the properties of ipod and open Itunes and “Enable Disk” Now connect your ipod with your computer and you will see another drive just like a USB.

3:- Ipod Customization

You can change the whole customization of our ipod using Ipod Wizard’s small sized application. Visit and download it. Change the menu like “Now Playing” to “Now Rocking” etc.

4:- Protection

Always use a cover for your ipod to protect it from all possible damages. Specially cover will protect the screen from scratches, Scroll menu and other buttons.

5. Playing Movies

Yes in latest ipods, you can also play movies, for this you need a DVD ripping software to convert DVD to AVI and then AVI to mpeg-4. After converting it to ipod supported format you can enjoy movies on your ipod.


DVD Ripping application

DVD to AVI Converter and AVI to MPEG-4

6:- Play Games

Apart from listening music and watching movies, you can also play games on your ipod. Not all type of games, but that games which has only designed for ipod. You can use ipodMAME for this functionality.

These are some of the useful ipod tips and tricks, you can use. Take care of your ipod and enjoy quality music. Don’t forget to share tips and tricks related to ipod.


  • That is nice one tool. The only thing i need in any ipod is battery timing.

  • The tips you suggested are so cool :). I recently bought an ipod and downloaded an apps named “Battery Saving Tips”.

    Please check that too 🙂

    – Robin

  • Imran Yousaf

    That was a nice piece of information. Great resourse has been share for Ipod stuff. Keep it up

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