5 Helpful Internet Tips and Tricks for Students

Updated October 6, 2023

The Internet can be a great helper for students. There are tons of resources, websites, and apps that can make college life much easier. Starting from time management, financial advice and up to writing help – you can find anything you need. In this article, you’ll find useful tips, tricks, and sources for students.

Advanced Googling

The first thing to know is how to find the things you need. Google search is great but it is important to know how to use it to the max. Because there are too many results sometimes and a lot of them are not what one looks for. Here are several tips on how to make your research more effective.

  • Use quotation marks for exact wording. When you put a phrase or sentence in quotation marks Google won’t break it and will look for the exact match. It helps to fact-check sources and find citations.
  • Type in “OR” to get variants. If you need information on related terms, you can type “OR” between the two and get more results.
  • When you need to exclude something from a search, use a hyphen (-). For example, if you look for book reviews and need to exclude adaptation review, search for Pride and Prejudice –movie –film.
  • When you need results from one site, type “site: New York Times “climate change”.
  • If you need results only from reputable sites, you can type – site: edu OR site: org “climate change”

This will save you lots of time on any academic research.

Check Reviews

Another tip for any internet service is to check reviews first. It is only a necessary measure to know what you can expect. For example, if you are planning on using an academic writing platform. A lot of students get essay help from write my essay services. And it is a completely normal thing to do, after all, everyone needs professional help sometimes.

When you are choosing a specific platform, check their clients’ testimonials and some commentary from a third party, for example Domyessay reviews to have an objective opinion. It ensures that you’ve got the best options out there. And it also will help to rest assured that you’ll have excellent assistance.

Google Scholar

If you need to conduct academic research with only reputable sources, it is better to use Google Scholar. It is a great search engine that shows only books, peer-reviewed articles, and scientific publications. Of course, there will be fewer results than from a traditional search and one needs to be specific with wording. But it is a perfect helper for students.

Also, there is also a great feature for works cited. On the search result page, you can click the quotation marks symbol under any source and get a ready reference. They are usually in MLA, APA, and Chicago. So a student can directly copy and paste the reference to their paper.

Save Some Money

College is expensive. The majority of students need to live on a tight budget. And although it might feel tiring sometimes, it is a good skill to learn. There are lots of internet resources that will help students to save some money and learn how to manage their funds wisely, for example:

  • Of course, it is not a resource with essentials, but who said that students cannot have a good time? One can check out this site for daily deals and great offers for almost anything, from restaurants to city tours.
  • Too Good To Go is an app that shows local restaurants and cafes that have extra food leftovers. It can be a perfect option to get a free meal or two.
  • Mint is a finance management app that lots of students like. It is easy to use and extremely helpful to understand how you spend money.
  • Money Saving Expert is a website that has advice on everything – from bank rates to inexpensive flights. One can find a lot of tips and tricks here.

And these are not all platforms out there. There are ones to exchange or sell college notebooks, find cheap furniture, or affordable clothing.

Apps for Classes

The next step to make your college experience easier is to get all the helpful apps for studies. There are plenty of them, for mind mapping, reviewing, and scheduling. Here are some of the most helpful:

  • SoundNote is an iOS tool that allows recording audio and taking notes at the same time. It’s perfect for lectures to make sure no information is lost;
  • iStudiez is a management app that helps with assignments and scheduling. It is a very effective planner to make sure everything is on time.
  • Forest is a cool app to stay focused. When you need to study, tap it and the digital tree will start growing. But if you leave the app to get distracted by other features on a phone, the tree will die.
  • StudyBlue is excellent for reviewing and remembering things. One can create study cards and quizzes or access tons of already existing flashcards and materials.
  • SimpleMind is a free tool for mind mapping. Helps to be more productive and creative.

Basically, one can find an app for everything these days, so why not benefit from it.

In Summary

The internet is a powerful tool that can be used to find ways to study better and learn how to manage time and money. Use them wisely to research and learn faster, find professional assistance, or save some money. Also, take advantage of the excellent learning apps that will make the college curriculum a lot easier.