Online Assistant: 5 Helpful Services to Use When Traveling

Updated October 6, 2023

Online Assistant for Traveling

Any business starts with an idea. There are many companies that are based on bold, even crazy ideas, but thanks to the talent and work of the founders, these incredible ideas become a reality. In this regard, travel industry is a fertile ground: here you can create and experiment with almost no restrictions.

Now it’s impossible to surprise anyone with aggregators searching for cheap tickets and hotels, but new projects appear regularly, and they try to make life of tourists easier. For example, many people use car rental service. With Routes car rental reviews you can easily find and rent the right car in Orlando, Los Angeles, Milan, or any other point in the world. We picked the most trendy, interesting and unusual online services that are confidently gaining popularity and will change your understanding of travel.

Startuptravels is an excellent resource for startups and investors. Just imagine: you came to an unfamiliar city for business. You need to meet with a client or find a room for the office, but you have no friends or acquaintances there, and you will have to search for all the information by yourself.

Previously, you could spend a few hours looking for the necessary contacts, but with Startuptravels this can be done in a few clicks. This is a business travel guide and communication platform, which was invented by the Dane Anders Hasselstrom, when in 2014 he often had working trips. He set out to develop a service that will connect local and foreign entrepreneurs: thanks to Startuptravels, you can get acquainted with the person you need, ask for help in finding local suppliers or resources for the project – and just find a company for your trip.

Now Startuptravels has more than 30 business guides to different cities. On a business trip all day is scheduled by the minute, and the application can save a lot of time. In addition, since recent times, it provides an opportunity to stay in one of 30 co-workings around the world for free.

This is an indispensable application for the fans of DIY travel: with Gogobot it’s convenient to plan trips, create routes and schedules for each day. Information is synchronized with multiple devices.

In the best traditions of tourist networking, Gogobot provides access to other users’ reviews about hotels, restaurants, sights and entertainment venues. Thanks to the Tribes feature, you can find people with similar interests and check out which places they like.

Google called Gogobot a ‘social network for tourists’: the application allows you to create a traveling passport to share experiences, publish photos, leave reviews and send postcards.

Porter & Sail is a premium-class electronic concierge. Marketers say that personalization is our future, thus it’s nice to see such innovative travel projects now!

This unique online service is a real finding for those who are accustomed to the comfort of boutique hotels and expects a similar level of service. Porter & Sail is available to the guests of the hotel partners of the application. While staying at one of them, guests get access to personalized travel guides with tips from local guides and experienced travelers.

The Porter & Sail team carefully selects content and trusts its creation to the best experts, some of whom are locals and celebrities. As a result, users get a specially selected list of places to dine, dance, shop or enrich themselves.

If you are nearby, the application sends you a notification. Thus, the whole city becomes a boutique hotel for you.

This application will appeal to travelers who like to keep everything under control. Also, App in the Air tracks flight information and helps you navigate the airport. The application works on all iOS devices, including Apple smart watches – in this case, you don’t even have to get the phone out of your pocket to read the updates.

You can create a checklist for each trip directly in the application, check in for the flight and find out information about the airports of departure and arrival. Also, it’s great to have an airport map at hand if you need to run on a connected flight, isn’t it?

Hopper not only finds the cheapest flights, but also suggests the best time to buy a ticket. The creators of the service claim that their own price prediction technology helps users save up to 40% on tickets, and in 95% of cases Hopper finds cheaper options than competitors.

The application stores your data and payment information, and in order to book a ticket, you don’t have to go to third-party websites – the whole process will take not more than 10 seconds.

You can track the desired flights and receive notifications if the price has changed. The price prediction feature will tell you whether to book a ticket now or wait. In the calendar of profitable flights, the days with the lowest ticket prices in the direction you need are highlighted in bright color.

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