Electric Cars: Now And Into The Future 

Updated October 6, 2023

When you buy your first car, don’t only think about it only as a financial investment. It’s also an investment in the world. You can either buy a gas-powered car, with pollution guaranteed, or you can buy an electric car, which ‘breathes’ cleaner. So does the world.

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Future Tech Cars

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What does an electric car offer you?

You may not realize it, but owning an electric car can be very advantageous. On one level, it’s about status: how many people do you know who own an electric car? They are still not commonplace, though, so expect to pay a bit more for that elevated social position.

Despite having to pay a premium price for your electric car, you’ll be pleased to find out that they don’t cost that much to run. Well, relative to gas guzzlers, at least. You see, electricity is mostly a lot more affordable than gas is.

It may be a surprise to you to find out that there are schemes in place to incentivize you to buy an electric car: including implications for your tax and insurance.

If you run a gas-powered car, you have to change your engine oil frequently. Have you seen how dirty it makes the engine? Well, guess what? Electric engines don’t need engine oil and the like, so they are cleaner. This makes maintaining them cheaper.

Then, you have the braking advantage: electric cars use ‘regenerative braking’. It’s a great system that not only uses the car’s own energy to brake, but juices up the battery at the same time. Now, that’s a win.

Where to, now, with electric cars?

Electric Cars

How can electric cars become more advanced? Well, there are really lots of ways, but they come down to the battery. You want your car to go further, right? You also want it to take less time to charge. All of this means saving time and money. That’s why so much research goes into the batteries.

Then, there’s the question of where you can charge your car. There are

why not more charging points, too? A whole lot of research needs to happen into this.

You’ve got to admit that electric cars are still kind of futuristic. Imagine them being totally autonomous: no driver at the wheel, just a car zooming around, fetching and carrying people. Imagine how that would make commuting easier; and so much less congestion during peak times.

Why do you want to buy an electric car?

There’s really only one reason to buy an electric car. Apart from them being cool and buying you an elevated position. The largest benefit of electric cars isn’t to you, it’s to the world, specifically the environment.

Wouldn’t you like to be responsible, even in a little way, for at least reducing the chances of your car adding to global warming? Not to be part of climate change, which is bad for just about everything and everyone.

That’s it then: buy an electric car with its smaller carbon footprint and help save the world!

What should you consider about electric cars?

Okay, it’s really great to have a car that looks sleek and modern and, well, just cool. That’s okay, but do yourself a favor and look under the hood. The battery. That’s the thing to think about.

Imagine going far, literally in fits and starts, as you have to stop and charge frequently. You need a battery with real ‘oomph’, that will stay charged for longer. You also need enough places to charge it along the way.

You want to go faster? You’re looking for high performance? Get yourself a battery with lots of power. It must, of course, also use as little energy to run as possible.

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