Move Over Bond – Here are the New Old Kids on the Gadget Block

Updated October 6, 2023

Chances are that if you type the word ‘gadgets’ into Google, your results will be inundated with a certain James Bond. The Best Bond Gadgets! 20 Bond Gadgets We Wish We Owned! Every Single Bond Gadget in Every Film Released Ever! So yes, I think we get the picture!! Bond’s gadgets are great, but he isn’t the only man on the silver screen that boasts an impressive collection. We wondered what would happen if 007 joined forces with some of the other top-fliers in the gadget world…

1# Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man

Every superhero has an astonishing collection of gadgets, but genius billionaire Tony Stark tops the list – his whole life is one big tech-fest. Literally, his heart would stop beating without the help of a gadget! Iron Man’s bespoke armoured suit, including an on-board computer, a sensor array and magnetism, is his very own creation; he doesn’t rely on a behind-the-scenes scientist like Bond.

2# Star Wars

star wars hologram

Until Bond can communicate with his latest lady-friend via a hologram, the guys in Star Wars really should get a bit more respect on the gadget-front. They may be a few (light) years in the future, and have remarkably more sophisticated technology than us, but Bond can (kind of!) walk on water. Surely he should be able to project a mini version of himself over to his pals at MI6 by now?! Naturally, the famous lightsaber is a gadget that needs no explanation, but with Bond’s extraordinary capacity for revenge, and love of beautiful women, I’m not sure he’d make the cut at Jedi School.

3# Johnny English

johnny english reborn

Men are probably glad not to be him, and women would prefer avoid him – Johnny English is the average man’s Bond. English is completely incompetent with all technology, and declares that, “A good agent doesn’t need gadgets. The only gadgets I’ve ever needed are a sharp eye, sensitive hearing and a whole bunch of bigger brains.” Hmm. English is the antithesis of James Bond, though the clever parody features many similar gadgets: guns hidden in pens and a lipstick, and a number of lavishly decked-out cars. English does possess two toys that the Bond creators will be gutted to have missed out: voice changing lozenges, and a wheelchair that reaches speeds of 60MPH (with an inbuilt in pistol in the arm-rest).

4# Doctor Who

doctor whos sonic screwdriver

If Bond has an Aston Martin as his signature ride, Doctor Who has a TARDIS. No competition there, sorry 007. Bond has guns in various disguises, the Doctor has a sonic screwdriver that can do anything (almost anything anyway: it doesn’t work on wood) from unlocking doors, to reconfiguring spaceship control panels. Doctor Who’s psychic paper may come in handy for whenever an MI6 badge won’t get you through the door, but it’s unlikely Bond will be interested in a lot of the Doctor’s gadgets, as they don’t tend to be fatal.

5# Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget

Bond may be as suave as they come, but he’s not made of gadgets like Inspector Gadget is. Handily, the Inspector is a cyborg so each of his body parts can transform into any number of different gadgets. His fingers double up as a flashlight, a skeleton key, a laser, a pen, screwdriver, a drill-bit, snow gun, corkscrew, water pistol and a whistle. Even more impressive is the “Gadget-Refridge-a-Gadget”: all crime fighters need an aerosol can that can reduce the surrounding area to sub-zero temperatures. He even has an inbuilt “Gadget ‘Brella” to keep him dry. Beat that JB.

6# Doc Brown & Marty McFly

back future 6

Every Back to the Future fan is waiting with baited breath for 2015, when every gadget depicted in the trilogy will make their way into stores. Well, we can hope. A time-travelling DeLorean may be out of the question, but Marty’s self-tying shoes and hover board surely can’t be too far away from retail stage! Super-cool Bond may not appreciate Doc Brown’s eccentricity, so it looks like 007 will be stuck in the present, doing his own shoes up.

7# The Wacky Racers


Bond’s DB5 may meet its match in a head-to-head with the characters from The Wacky Racers. Bond’s penchant for pretty girls would probably be his downfall, as Penelope Pitstop uses the various gadgets in car to apply make-up, do her hair and cook food! Professor Pat Pending has a vehicle that can transform into anything – aeroplane to motorbike, to giant bowling ball – the Z3 may have missiles, but it definitely can’t do that. The Professor boasts the same intelligence and flair for gadgetry as Q, and often helps out his competitors when they land themselves in trouble, so Bond will be in safe hands there. Thankfully, he would have little to fear from Dastardly and Muttley, whose gadgets only ever backfire against them.

8# Sherlock Holmes

cumberbatch as SH

What gadgets could you possibly give this man to improve his impressive detective skills? Holmes’ complex mind is a gadget in its own right, but just imagine what he could achieve with the help of the advanced technology available? Bond on the other hand has everything under the sun, minus Holmes’ intelligence. He can point a pen-gun, and drive like a madman, but that’s pretty much where his talents end. Watch your back James, if MI6 give Holmes a gym membership and half of your gadget collection, you could be out of a job.

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  • You would have to add the TV Cartoon Show “The Jetson’s” to this list!

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