EaseUS Todo Backup – Easily Backup, Restore or Clone your System

Updated October 6, 2023

I got a chance to try a data backup and recovery software known as “EaseUS Todo Backup” developed by EaseUS. This company truly cares about the users and provides useful features in its softwares. In the past I have also used EaseUs Data Recovery from the same company which helped me in recovering my 1.7 GB important data for free.

Now after that incident I decided to backup all my important files on regularly basis. Since I am already familiar with the EaseUS softwares, I got to know about a backup software developed by EaseUS known as EaseUS Todo Backup. After installing the software I found it very useful and the most easiest one to operate.

This software can help to backup a specific Disk/Partition OR can also backup the whole system. It can also be used to backup only a specific file. Another useful feature I came to know about this software is the backup of OutLook Mails. Now with this software I can also backup all my email accounts. If you are involved in blogging then you must be aware that in the cPanel there is no such option to backup your email accounts. However if you have the EaseUS Todo Backup software then you can easily back up all your accounts with it.

Here is the screenshot of the software.

EaseUS Todo Backup

Apart from backing up your computer files it can also backup your Android data. Now this is another very useful feature that got my attention.

And once your data is backed up you can easily restore it using the “Recovery” feature inside the software. Just in case you want to clone your hard drive to use on another PC or laptop, you can easily do with the “Clone” feature. Once your hard drive is cloned you can directly use it on another PC or laptop.

Clone is different from mounting because in mounting you will first need to unmount the data to use it. However with cloning you can duplicate the data to use directly on other system. Another good thing about cloning is that it can copy your operating system too, thus helping you to replace your hard drive with your existing OS and data easily.

You can download the free trail version of EaseUS Todo Backup from here.

EaseUS Todo Backup is not only a backup and recovery software but it also have some additional tools. For example

  • Check Image can help you to analyze an image file for any error. It can verify whether the image can be restored successfully or not.
  • Create Emergency Image can help you to create an emergency backup US or CD/DVD to boot your system in emergency.
  • Wipe Data can wipe the data from a partition completely. Just like formatting.
  • Mount/UnMount helps you to mound and unmount images.
  • iSCSI Initiator allows you to easily connect with iSCSI devices.
  • Enable PreOS allows you to enable or disable the Pre installed OS.

The software has a “Management” menu which allows you to easily manage all your operations. All the backups can be viewed from their.

Overall this is a wonderful software on a very low price. For just $29.00 you can get the full version to securely and easily backup and recover your files or complete system.

Access Here:- http://www.easeus.com/backup-software/tb-home.html

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