Free Dr.Web Anti Virus 1 Year License Activation Key

Updated October 6, 2023

Dr. Web Anti Virus is a Russian technology based anti virus software. It has one of the most popular free scanner feature that is used in Russia and other countries. Just like McAfee Total Protection Dr.Web Anti Virus is also industry leading software that provides real time protection. It was developed in 1992 and now after 18 years it is more powerful, enhanced, strong and feature rich anti virus software.

Dr. Web Anti Virus 6 is the latest version and the original price is $29.95, but in this post i am going to share a promo. Where you can get one year free license activation key for Dr.Web Anti Virus. The promo page is in Russian language. You can use Google Tool Bar to translate Russian into English. For your convenience, i upload screen shots so that you can easily complete all the steps correctly and get one year free license key for this anti virus software.

How to Get Dr.Web Anti Virus For Free

1. First visit the promo link. Click Here.

2. Now you will see a form. Just fill the form according to the below screen shot.

dr web anti virus3. After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to any other page. Just click on the first option in the page. (As shown in screen shot)

dr web license key5. In the next page you will see some Questions. Answer all the question by selecting any option and then click on the button located at the end of the page. (Select any option for the answer)

6. Finally you will see another page where you will get your free license key.

7. Now open this page and enter the license key you received in step no.6. After registering your license key, you will get Key File for your Dr. Web Anti Virus. You will have to enter this file during installation of Dr. Web Anti Virus in order to activate it.

Download Dr. Web Anti Virus

32 Bit:-

64 Bit:-


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