Disable Audio Enhancements To Reduce CPU Usage in Windows 7

Updated October 6, 2023

Audio Enhancements affect CPU Usage and you must disable it in order to speedup your window. Although Windows 7 is very user friendly, however some tweaks are necessary that makes it more user friendly. Windows 7 is much more advance then any windows. For example genuine windows xp and vista is slower then windows 7. That is because a lot of features has been added to windows 7, and it is now more user friendly. In this tutorial you will be learning that how to disable audio enhancements in window 7 to reduce the CPU usage and make it more effective.

How to Disable Audio Enhancements?

1. Go to Control Panel by clicking windows icon.

2. Now click on “Hardware and Sound” option in Control Panel.

disable audio enhancements

3. Find the option “Manage Audio Devices” which is located in “Sound” section and open it.

4. A list will appear, select a device for which you want to disable enhancement and go to its “Properties”

reduce cpu usage

5. In its properties click on “Enhancements” tab and disable audio enhancements from here. Uncheck the option you want to disable OR check “Disable All Enhancements” to disable at once.


6. Click on “OK” button and that’s all. If you want to do the same for other devices then start from step 4 and repeat the same steps.

If you have notice any issues in sound quality then Enable the enhancements, but normally you will face no issue. By doing this you can easily reduce CPU usage, because these enhancements uses a lot of CPU. You will see the difference after applying this simple and effective tip. Don’t forget to try WinbootInfo to analyze your window performance, and feel free to share your comments.

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  • Pulkit Kaushik | TheDolt

    The option is not found on most laptops.

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