Speedup Windows 7 Using 12 Working Tips

Updated October 6, 2023

Microsoft is always coming up with more reliable and faster products. All its previous windows were faster than previous one. For Example Windows XP is faster then Windows 98, Vista is faster then XP and Windows 7 is much faster than Vista and this chain will continue. No doubt that windows 7 is the fastest and optimized window, however still you need some tips to speedup windows 7.

speedup windows 7

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Tips to Speedup Windows 7

1. Disable Aero Theme

The first step you must always take when you install windows 7 is to disable Aero theme and change it to another one. Aero theme consume more graphics and memory, so it is strongly recommended to disable it.

  • Go to “Personalize” by right clicking on Desktop and then click “Window Color” tab.
  • Now uncheck the box which says “Enable Transparency” and then click on “Open classic appearance properties for more color options”. A window will appear, select any Basic or Standard theme. It is recommended to select Standard Theme, as they are more speedy.

disable aero theme

2.  Disable Search Index Feature

The second most important step that you must take when you install W7 is to disable search index feature. This feature is helpful for those who always search there pc for files and folders, but if you are not the one who use search feature in W7. Then it is recommended to disable this feature. It will consume more memory if you keep the feature enabled. So it is better to Disable it.

  • Right click on “My Computer” and click on “Manage”. Find “Computer Management” window and click on “Service and Application” .
  • Click on “Service” option.
  • You will find a list of services available, just find “Windows Search” and right click on it. Go to its Properties.
  • Here at “General” tab find “Startup Type” and click on “Disable” from its drop down menu.
  • Click on “Apply” and “OK” to disable search index feature.

disable windows search index

3. Adjust Visual Effects

As in the first step we disabled Windows Aero Theme to reduce the graphic consumption that affect the speed. Similarly you need to disable some other Visual Effects that will increase windows 7 speed.

  • Go to “Properties” by right clicking on “My Computer”.
  • From left panel click on “Advance System Settings” option and open “System Properties Window”.
  • Now select “Advance” tab and choose “Custom” from “Preferences > Settings”.
  • A list of features will appear, just Uncheck all the options and leave the last 4.
  • Log off your system and that’s all.

adjust visual effects

4. Adjust Power Settings

By default power setting is set to “Balanced (Recommended)” but if you want to speed up your windows 7 speed, then select “High Performance”.

  • Go to “Control Panel” and click on “Power Option”
  • Click on down arrow key button to click on “High Performance” radio button.

adjust power setting

In this way your w7 speed will get improved, but on other hand more power will be consumed.

5. Use USB as RAM

If you have USB, then you can use it as a RAM. This feature is very simple but it will help in speeding up your W7 speed.

  • Plug-in USB in your Computer or Laptop
  • Right click on “USB” from “Computer” and then go to its “Properties”.
  • Select “Ready Boost” tab and then tick the 2nd option that is “Use this Device”.
  • You can increase and decrease the space to reserve for system to use as a RAM.

use usb as ram

6. Disable Sounds

Windows 7 by default use different sounds for different activities. It is recommended to disable un wanted sounds to reduce memory usage and improve the speed.

  • Click on “Start” button
  • Select “Search” and then type services.msc and click on search button.
  • A list will appear, disable the ones that you think are unwanted and less important.

disable sounds

7.  Disable Gadget Platform

Windows 7 shows a Sidebar and other gadget when you turn On your computer on desktop. If it is not so important for you, then it is recommended to turn it off. It will save a few seconds and your system will start a little bit faster.

  • Go to “Control Panel” and find “Program and Features”, just below that you will see “Turn Windows Features On or Off
  • A list will appear, find “Windows Gadget Platform” and untick it, Restart your PC and you are done.

disable windows gadget

8. Use Ccleaner to clean your System

As you all know Ccleaner is one of the best system applications that can increase your windows speed. Whatever windows you are using it can clean it and make it faster. It will delete unwanted and temporary files, delete cookies and other dump files from your system. Even it can repair windows registry.

Download Ccleaner

Note:- You can also use WinBootInfo to analyze your windows 7 performance and optimize it.

9. Disable Thumbnails Preview

By default windows 7 shows you thumbnails for folders instead of icons. It consumes a lot of memory so it is strongly recommended to disable it.

  • Double click on “My Computer” and find “Organize” from drop down menu and click on “Folder and Search Option”. Now to click on “View” tab and un tick the option which says “Always show icons, never thumbnails”.

disable thumbnails

10. Disable Unwanted Statup Items

As we all install different softwares and application for different purposes. We don’t use all of them on the same time, but these are running in background and consume system memory. It is also recommended to disable those softwares and application that you don’t want to use at that time.

  • Click on “Start” and select “RUN” and then type “msconfig” to open System configuration.
  • A list will appear, from here un tick the programs that you don’t want to use now.

11. Repair Common Errors

There me be possibility that your winodws has errors. In order to speedup your window it is strongly recommended to check and repair the errors. I wrote a post about 21 common issues and problems in windows 7. Read the post to repair it and improve your windows speed.

Repair Common Errors in Windows 7

12. Disable Audio Enhancement

Another post that i wrote about increasing windows 7 speed is to disable audio enhancement features and allow your window to consume less memory and reduce CPU usage. Read the post and follow the steps mentioned there.

Disable Audio Enhancement

Hope the above tips will speedup your windows 7 and improve its performance. Let me know if you know about any other tip, i will include in the list. Don’t forget to share your comments to add more value to the post.


  • Rahim Shinwari

    the tips were v usefull … hope u wl include more such tips which can improve our win 7

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Techfudge@ You are always welcome.

  • Techfudge

    Now this was the post that I was expecting from you…
    Well I tried a couple of tricks and they have shown some improvement in my boot time.

  • If someone has a RAM of above 1GB then he should not worry as Windows 7 will run smoothly as long as the Desktop is not full of useless icons

  • Arkadij Shkolnik


    A very nice and detailed article, thank you.
    The only question is, can you please provide any percentage or Mb (RAM) rates to show the difference and performance increase?
    I’m concerned since I use Win7 myself. I like this OS and it does not actually bother me as long as I have 4 GB of RAM, but sometimes I do think it’s overusing some of the system resources.

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