20 Windows 7 Rocking and Smashing Themes

Updated October 6, 2023

I am using dual windows in my laptop: Windows XP and Windows 7. Both are my favorite windows and i always test and apply different tricks on both windows. Previously i wrote about a simple trick for windows 7 users that is adding OEM logo in windows 7. Don’t forget to read that.

For all windows 7 lovers i collected 20 smashing, dashing and rocking free themes that you can use to keep your desktop alive and fresh.

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1. Wood Stock Windows 7 Theme

woodstock w7 theme


2. Avril Lavigne Themes

Avril Lavigne themes[Download]

3. XBMCG Theme



4.Red W7 Theme

red windows 7 theme


5. Mac Windows 7 Theme

mac windows 7 theme

6. Soft 7 Theme


7. Aero Lightning Windows 7 Theme

aerolighting theme

8. Graffiti Theme

graffiti theme

9. My Windows 7 Desktop

my windows 7 desktop


10. Desk 09 Windows 7 Theme

disk 09 with windows 7


11. Fantasy World Theme

fantasy world

12. Screen Shot WaterBomb

screen shot waterbomb

13. Send Art Theme

send art

14. Heart Windows 7 Theme

heart windows 7 theme


15. Ocean Theme

ocean theme


16. Romeo and Juliet Walpaper

romeo and juliet walpaper


17. Go Green Windows 7 Theme

go green windows 7 theme


18. Smashing Theme

theme for windows 7


19. Prototype Windows 7 Theme

prototype windows 7 theme


20. Clean Green Windows 7 Theme

clean green windows 7 theme

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