Four Weather Widget For Your Windows 7

Updated October 6, 2023

I have heard people saying that Windows 7 did not reach places as XP did but I personally love Windows 7. I love the way the icons are placed in the status bar as it reminds me a Mac laptop. There are number of widgets I use for different purposes and one among them is for checking out the weather. No can deny that Weather is important. It is always nice to see the climate of the world by sitting inside the room and even you can know the climate conditions of each and every nook and corner of the world. I thought of sharing few best weather widgets that I use it on my laptop.

4 Weather Widget For Windows 7

Weather Center

Weather Centre

This is the best widget I have used and of course it is one of the best widgets. It shows a small window of information with the city name at the top and the degrees there. The time there is nicely denoted by a Moon or Sun at the background. It tells you the date, humidity, wind and much more. You can configure the options in the settings panel.

This pulls information from the MSN and other big weather source. Hit the download link to enjoy Weather Center.

Download: Weather Center


Weather bug

This is the second best Widget I use it but I used to de activate it quite often since I feel it slowed down my laptop when I booted it. At last I came to know that it was another widget and not Weatherbug, even came to know that this is the best widget which loads in a fast manner. I love many features in this widget and once such feature is the forecast. You can know the weather forecast for 2 days or even for a week. The small window shows the degrees, day or night, wind and the name of the day.

Download: Weatherbug

Weather Channel Widget

Weather Channel Widget

The only reason I do not use this Widget is because of its size. It is just huge in size and occupies 20% of your screen but it can give you detailed information. Weather Channel also has forecaster which can tell you the weather for the next hours or for the next week as well. The main screen shows the Temperature for today, for the night and for the next day as well. The most part of the widget is occupied by the city map of your location.

Download: Weather Channel Alternatively Check Download From Here

MSN Weather Widget

MSN Weather Widget

I rarely use it and even can say I do not use it. It is simplest of the widget I know. It has not many options other than displaying the weather details of 5 days including today. It does not occupy that much space but do not have options as well.

Download: MSN Weather

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    This aderess for download gadgets not exsits. Tanks.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Lucas@ Thank for informing me about this. I just added the updated links. Check now.

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