Why You Should Concentrate On One Social Media Platform

Updated October 6, 2023

Social Media Platforms

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There are simply too many social media platforms to choose from these days and if you are worried about which one to go with, you should just focus on one social media platform. It is best to focus most of your efforts on one platform, although we do suggest that you create accounts on other platforms in case you want to switch strategies down the line.

Social media marketing strategies of most businesses fail because they scatter all their resources on every social media platform. Instead, they should be investing practically  their entire time and energy on a single platform, which yields good results. However, once you have mastered one, you can move to the next one.

Author of 80/20 sales, Mr. Perry Marshall, correlates everything in life with a power curve,  which means that results always depend on each other so that gradual growth turns into a steep rise. That can be applied in this case as well; if you were to invest your resources in all platforms, you would never build that gradual growth which leads to something bigger.

The question is, how do you select that one social media platform.

Pick One Where Your Customers Are, Not Your Peers

The bottom line is, you need to make sales. While it is important that you stay in touch with your peers, we believe it is more important that you choose a social media platform where your customers are. And how do we know what platform they are using? We are living in the  digital age; age, gender and several other demographics can be easily Googled. Check where your target audience logs in and get to work. Or turn to a Chicago SEO company to do this for you.

Don’t Go into Unchartered Territory

Another variable that you should consider before finalizing your social media platform selection is your own skill-set. If your target audience is teenage kids then make a list of their prefered social media hangouts.

If you think you don’t know anything about the first platform in that list, but you have a firm command over the second one, then we suggest you get there, pronto. You can rely on professional help too, but in most cases, business owners like to understand what they are paying for, so don’t force yourself to go into unchartered territory. Pick the one which you have a good command over.

And it’s not only about the platform, it’s what you can do yourself. You can hire a professional who manages with your accounts but what about the content? Hiring another professional to deal with that can really drain budgets. Make yourself useful: if you’re good at photography, go with Instagram. if you’re good at writing short and smart CTAs, go with Twitter and if you’re good at making brilliant short videos, go with YouTube.

By now you probably understand that the case has been made so as to why you should stick to one social media platform at a time to gain better followership. Social media can make you win if you play smartly.

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