5 Ways to Share Videos on Twitter

Updated October 6, 2023

Twitter has become one of the largest social media website’s in the world, and a lot of people use it to tweet pictures and video upon their profiles. Below I share 5 website’s that allow you to easily upload and share video’s over Twitter.

1# Twitc.com


Twitc allows you to upload multiple files at the same time including images and photo’s, you can also import them using a URL such as Youtube and Hulu. It takes more steps to actually share the video’s out as opposed to other services.

You can also search, favourite, check the most viewed and comment on Twitc, you can also update your Twitter status.

2# TwitLENS.com


TwitLENS is another duel platform which deals with both videos and images by sharing them over Twitter. These guys support multiple uploads at the same time with a 50MB file size. It has all the usual features such as commenting, mobile uploads and even anonymous uploads.

This one actually aupports the OAuth login so you can login with your Twitter account. Secondly, it is amazingly easy to add people to photo and “tag” people in video’s. If you tag people in videos or pictures they will be tweeted so try to use this wisely.

3# MobyPicture.com


Mobypicture is another great one that will also share to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and more! This is a one I personally like due to the support for livejournal and WordPress. Another great advantage to Mobypicture is the fantastic support they have for mobile phones as there apps are second to none and it is so easy to upload any images and video from your phone!

4# RealPlayer


Realplayer also now has their own service to share over Twitter. These guys as you know have been the backbone of video and media players for a very long time. You need to download their software in order to share pictures & videos on here, but don’t let that put you off as you can upload and share with just two clicks of your mouse!

5# Buz.FM


Buz is great due to the support with Pinterest, you can share to Facebook and also pinit. I am yet to find a service that will fully support all of the SocialMedia platforms, if you manage to find one let me know by dropping a comment below.  Buz is pretty active and they also publish new stuff on the first page which is always good for a little SEO booster.

Author: I’m Sophie and I love to talk and write about Internet Advertising and share my advice, there is a lot to learn each and every day within the industry

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