What is Cloud Hosting?

Updated October 6, 2023

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A cloud hosting or a server is a robust virtual or physical infrastructure that performs application and data processing storage.

A physical server is divided into multiple servers with the help of virtualization software to make the cloud servers. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model is used to process workloads and store information for the organization. The server and its functions are accessible remotely using an online interface.

According to the organizations who use cloud storage to host websites and application says that cloud storage is relatively faster, easy to manage, and requires less maintenance. It also helps the IT teams to quickly meet the demand for more resources and keep the applications run smooth.

Cloud storage comes with a lot of exciting features that we are about to discuss in this article.

Features of cloud hosting

Easy to maintain

Cloud hosting is easy to maintain, the downtime of the servers is very low as compared to standard hosting, and in most of the cases, there is no downtime for organizations using cloud hosting. Cloud hosting and services keep getting updates, which makes it more reliable and efficient to use.


The user can itself keep a check on the downtime of the server, the bandwidth, and the allotted network storage. The capabilities of the computer can also be monitored using the features of cloud hosting.

Share the resources

With the help of the multi-tenant model, the cloud hosting user can share his resources with multiple users. The different physical and virtual resources can be allotted to the customers depending upon their requirement.

Safe and secure

The risk of server getting damage is possible in every hosting but cloud security, a feature of cloud hosting takes a snapshot of the database stored so that even if the server gets corrupted, the essential data of the user will stay. The data are safely encrypted, and it is hard for anyone to access the data.


The company has to invest in cheap cloud hosting only for once to buy the storage, and these resources can later be shared with others according to their requirements. This saves the company from the monthly and yearly cost of buying hosting. A small amount of money may be required for the maintenance of the servers, which is not very expensive.

Accessible to a larger network

The data uploaded on cloud servers are available from anywhere around the world. The user has to login to the cloud service with the help of an internet connection and retrieves the data. One of the best examples for this is google drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.

Pay as you go

Cloud hosting only charge for what they provide. The user pays only for the services and resources acquired by him. No hidden charges and costs are added in the bill, and mostly a small amount of space is given for free to the user.


Cloud hosting has popularized over the last decade, and a lot of organizations are shifting towards cloud hosting. It provides a lot of features and benefits to the user; in this article, we talked upon some of the features of cloud hosting.

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