What is Cloud Computing?

Updated October 6, 2023

Cloud computing has been a game-changer for every IT department in the world, but you don’t have to know their secret handshake to understand how it works. The term “cloud” is used as a metaphor for the internet, but what happens when you combine it with “computing?” Cloud computing makes infrastructure, applications, and business processes accessible entirely on the internet without breaking your budget or cloning your IT department. Sounds simple enough but what if you have no idea what any of that means? What if your six year old asks what cloud computing is,or your boss—who occasionally acts like a six year old—wants you to explain it?

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How to Explain Cloud Computing to a Six-Year Old

Dear Sally the six-year old:

Cloud computing allows you to access everything you need, from anywhere, on any computer. You can access this information without worrying if you have enough room for all of it, or where it is stored.

You know how you keep all of your toys in a toy box Sally? And when you go to a sleepover you can’t bring all of your toys with you? Have you even beencloud computing jonesin’ for Legos when all you have is that Barbie that was tragically disfigured during your phase as an aspiring hairdresser.

What if a miraculous cloud could follow you around and bring you every toy you’ve ever wanted?

Imagine that this magic cloud could bring your toys anywhere and allow you to endlessly increase your toy capacity. This sounds like a dream come true but it’s more attainable than you think. Integrating your current toy box to offer this magic is pretty seamless. cloud compInventory integration, (I mean toy box integration) is pretty simple with the help of cloud computing experts. It can be overwhelming to consider what it would take to get all of your toys in the cloud but with a little help—you’ll be on cloud nine. Finally, having your head in the clouds pays off.

By-line: Jaelitheis a blogger with an insatiable thirst for technology. Cloud computing is her favorite tech trend to watch. She’s been recently drawn to research regarding inventory integration and how it can transform how people do business. When she’s not writing about technology, she’s using it.

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  • Rohit Batra

    Cloud Computing is going to be the Future as soon everything will be shifted on Web..

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