Choosing a Sat Nav System For Your Car

Updated October 6, 2023

Do you hate being struck in traffic jam or getting lost somewhere? The satellite navigation, called sat nav in short, sets the fun back into driving, letting you know the best route to your destinations. There are numerous sat nav manufacturers like TomTom, Sony, Garmin and Navman who come up with new technology and features letting users travel most comfortably to places.

sat nav for car
Before we get to know things to look in, for a sat nav to fit in your car, let us see a small glimpse of how does these sat navs actually work? Sat nav systems are devised to reply on network of satellites revolving around earth. By comparing the signals received by these satellites positioned at various locations, the sat nav device calculates the places on earth.

Sat nav lets user to plan their way route by entering either address or simply the postal number. Some sat nav even accepts nearby landmarks to locate a particular place. On processing the input, the sat nav device figures out the shortest and the best possible route to your destinations and direct you on every step of the way.

Key Features To Look Out For

Screen Size

Sat navs comes in varying sizes starting from 3.5 inches. Preferably, larger the screen size, more better it is. Larger screens get you clearer view with great area of map viewable at the same time. Similarly loading maps to sat nav can make a difference in its efficiency. Where ever you travel, make sure the sat nav is equipped with enough maps of the place you visit so as making it easier for the gadget to locate and do other functionalities.

Traffic and Routing

When there persist either traffic Jam or accident on your route, the traffic function enabled on the sat nav automatically re-route your journey in another best possible path. The sat nav is functioned to receive traffic signal most frequently to update its database to avoid heavy traffic jam and get you faster to destinations.

Safety Cameras

The safety camera feature alerts the user in advance to any fixed safety cameras on the route. This provides user a wider awareness so that he/she can actually stop from being fine for over speeding. Some sat nav comes with free lifetime updates while others need a monthly or annual subscriptions.

Point of Interest

The places of interest including local services like restaurants, parking, hotels, petrol stations, cinemas, cash points and more spots which the user may not be familiar on the new place. These are indicated to the user in advanced and also as they come nearer to plan breaks.


To make and receive calls while on drive, the Bluetooth is a legal, easier and safer option. Sat nav is made as a hands free kit using the bluetooth connectivity of your mobile phone. It is good that your in car sat nav holds this feature for sure.

Touch screen

Touch screen sat nav gadget are the ones very popular at market right now. Make sure that menu option are not very complex as they can make your trip not very easy to navigate.

2D/3D mapping

The advancement of sat nav has made it possible for 2D and 3D maps. 2D maps displays images similar to that of a printed road map while 3D map views look more similar to what you look from car.

Mapping Loaded

Some sat nav automatically load maps according to their requirement when traveling to new place while some sat navs demands user to download it before hand. It is always preferable to load sat nav with enough map data for more accurate navigation.

Advanced lane Guidance

This option guides you well in advance on which lane to take at junctions to let not the users miss their turnings.

Text To Speech

The Speech technology let user to navigate without even seeing the display screen. It informs users about the latest traffic message, even text message being received and more. Different voice and tone options are available in the latest sat navs which can be chosen according to users convenience. With all these features the sat nav is sure to help users navigate with ease.

Author Bio:- Zara Turner from the UK is working as a full time content writer. She loves traveling and exploring new places and hence has chosen a career that keeps her on the go. She reviews Sat Nav systems that are exclusively released in the UK market.

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  • Excellent article and some great tips here. Choosing the right device is very important, if you end up buying a device which malfunctions during a drive where your not familiar with you can be in trouble, so choosing the right one is important.


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