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7 Reasons why you Should Use Rocket VPN


For a person who wants to break away from the barriers that are imposed on his/her Online action geographically, turning to a VPN is the best possible route. A VPN not only shuns the barrier that stands between you and [...]

How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive, USB Flash and Memory Card


At some stage in our lives, we have all been confronted by a situation where hell broke loose. In other words, it was the situation where crucial files were deleted from our system by mistake. Be it a hard drive, [...]

Receive SMS Without Mobile Phone – Top 15 Best Websites

Mobiles Tools

If you’re a tech savvy person who wants to sign up for a service on the Internet, you would have noticed the first thing that the service provider demands from you is your email address. In addition to signing up [...]

34 Top Karaoke Software for Personal Computers and Mac


During the days of our childhood, almost all of us had a phase where we loved to sing songs. However, there was a limitation as most of us didn’t know correctly all the lyrics. This problem was solved with the [...]

How to Charge a Vaporizer Safely via USB?


As vaporizers continue to become more popular, there are a growing number of these devices which feature USB charging options. However, this has been met with some concerns over safety. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a [...]

All In One Web Based Document Converter – Docs.Zone


In online business filed the document conversion process is always required. Specially if you are in the freelancing industry where you need to deal with several types of documents. Weather it is a client who need a file in pdf [...]