10 Physical Signs To Confirm If Your Wife Is Cheating – Think Beyond Smartphone!

Updated October 6, 2023

Are you feeling your relationship losing its spark? Can you feel everything falling apart and your wife disinterested in you? It may be because your wife is cheating on you. In this article, we’ve covered some of the most prevalent physical signs to know if your wife is cheating.

Is your wife cheating?

Cheating is a word that weighs a lot; in a most general sense, it means that being sexually or emotionally dishonest with your partner in a close-knit relationship.

Having an intimate relationship with another human and not letting your partner know about this secrecy is defined as cheating. Cheating breaks the trust of the partner in a lot of ways. You can learn about your partner cheating on you when you sense that something is different with her and she is not the usual person she used to be.

There will be many signs, to begin with, but don’t jump to a conclusion beforehand.

Here, we’ve covered some physical signs your wife is cheating.

Cheating Wife Check Smartphone

She is spending more on her looks

If she has been suddenly spending her time grooming herself more precisely or focusing on her appearance more than anything else, then there’s a reason to worry.

She never used to apply lipstick, but suddenly there is not one day for her without applying it. You can always smell something fishy if you look into her wardrobe; let’s say she is now wearing bodycon dresses instead of her regular jeans and shirt. You ought to be suspicious when you see her changing into a whole another character.

Receives more gift

Suddenly your wife is getting costly gifts without any occasion, and she is naming quite a few new friends whom you didn’t know earlier; well, this is a sign that she is having an affair.

We all know that while in love or any relationship, we love receiving gifts because they are the expression of affection. Now, if you have any doubts, these gifts can be tangible proof of your growing suspicion. You will see your wife giving extra nourishment to the gifts she has recently been receiving; this is a sure physical signs your wife is cheating.

Hangs out with friends

She can be an amiable person, and she likes to roam around with her friends and have fun, but if you see her going out frequently and calling it a girls night out or giving unreasonably excuses to get out of the house, then it is a sign of cheating.

You will also find her advising you to spend some quality time with your gang; this is because she wants to spend the time aloof with her affair. She wants to devour her relationship with her special someone and doesn’t want you to know about it.

Gets independent

To make a marriage work, both the parties take decisions collectively and unitedly. But if suddenly your wife has stopped asking for your value, decisions, then this might be a little worrying.

However, if your wife has always been like this, making independent decisions, then need not worry. If it’s a sudden change, she might be taking help and advice from her affair and it can be one of the physical signs your wife is cheating. Either way, you have to be focused on her and observe her, but don’t jump to a conclusion like a madman.

Never calls you

If this happens sometimes, there is no big deal to worry about, but if it happens regularly, this is a typical signs of cheating. You might observe that lately, she does not show even a tad bit of interest in talking to you. She is not picking up your call or avoiding you while giving lame excuses; there is a probability that she has her special one to talk with.

This sudden ignorance is a drastic change that you will observe. There used to be days when she would call you innumerable times, but now she has been avoiding you as if you are a stranger..

Always on her phone

Although smartphones are an addictive gadget, if she uses it way too much, even when she is not doing any work, there is a possibility to worry. You will see her on the phone every single time — she might not even talk to you.

She will never hand her phone to you. You might even observe that she is regularly online on her social media. If this behavior has recently developed, then I think, it is to be worried about. She might be busy chatting with her affair and avoiding you. If you ask her to leave her phone, she will give you an excuse for work and keep her eyes glued to it. This is one of the typical signs of cheating.

Lack of intimacy

Being in love is making all the small gestures of love to show warmth and affection towards your partner. But recently, your romantic relationship is taking a downfall; she has forgotten the touch of affection and love. If suddenly she doesn’t like to make the cute gestures, it is worrying. However, try figuring out if it’s just because she is tired or the intimate relationship has taken a backseat because of her affair.

Office schedule changed

She used to be back home sharp at a certain time, but lately, her office hours have extended and she is staying at the office for long hours — there is something unusual. Firstly, you need to confirm the office hours or else you will make a fool of yourselves. Just look at her schedule, and if the time is ridiculously extended, she wants to spend that time with her affair, making it clear that she is cheating.

More secretive

A relationship demands feelings to be shared, but if she doesn’t open up even a tad bit, then focus on her. You will be inevitably left in the dark if you don’t pay heed to this aspect that specified she is cheating. She used to be the person who shared everything with you but now it’s like she is hiding.

If you ask her anything, you will see her stammer or stumble in between. She will be swamped with secrecy and hide it in her guts. She will be spending time with her new lover and keep you on the dark side of the truth..

Demands privacy

It is quite natural that a person needs some private space, even if they are in a relationship. But if you see your wife barring your entry in every way, then it is because she needs the personal space for her new affair. Suddenly if you see that talking with your wife has become a once in a blue moon thing and all she demands is personal space every time, then it is a sign that she is cheating on you. Thus, you need to be careful.


These are just a few vital signs that you need to keep a check on to find your cheating wife. But don’t do anything in a hurry. You need to note her sudden drastic changes and then confront duly. Without having proper evidence, if you confront her, then you will be proved wrong. Have a good talk with her and confirm what you have been feeling for so long; after that, if you want to stay in the marriage or not is your call. So, these were some of the physical signs your wife is cheating.

Author Bio:- This article is contribute by Tejas Maheta.

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