6 Free Email Signature Generators You Can Use Right Now

Updated October 6, 2023


Creating an email signature on your own is a dull and somewhat tricky experience. If you want it to appear properly on most email clients and contain some visual elements like your photo or promo banner, you should make it with HTML. Moreover, if you want it to look professional in your correspondence, a signature should be appropriately designed. Which brings you to the need for spending a lot of time or money on it. Or does it?
Luckily, there are some online email signature generators that help you create one with ready templates in an intuitive tool. Let’s learn more about some of them.

1:- Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp online email signature generator has everything we have mentioned before, as well as some more cool options. In addition to an easy-to-use and advanced editor, there is a full gallery of banners, social media icons, and CTA buttons. Everything that previous tools lack. You can use the full version for a small fee to use an individual signature. The free Newoldstamp signature looks like this:

Email Signature Generators

As you can tell, it looks professional and clean. All the elements you need are set where you would want them to be. Moreover, there are some templates to choose from. If you want to make the signature even better, here’s Newoldstamp tool’s full potential:


You can work on your signature more to organize everything better. This example is just to show most of the things you can and should add.

2:- MySignature.io

MySignature has all major features like templates, social icons, and banners. You can decide on the formatting, elements organization, color and create the email signature that will best suit your business needs. In case you need more than 1 signature you can use a duplicate option that will save you time on multiplying signatures for your colleagues.


3:- Si.gnatu.re

Si.gnatu.re is an online email signature generator that you can use in your browser. They offer a single free signature with 30 days of trial editing. If you want to create an email signature for yourself only, this is a viable decision.
The editor allows you to add your name and job position, as well as phone numbers, website, etc. You can also upload a logo, a photo, and a banner. Si.gnatu.re has a wide list of social media icons to add, so you can find almost anything you want.

There are also some options to edit the appearance of your signature, such as elements sizes, paddings, and so on.
Nevertheless, si.gnatu.re has a slightly laggy tool that doesn’t upload your photos sometimes. In addition, you should have your banners already created, as there is no gallery to choose them from.

Here’s what we managed to make in a few minutes:

Nick Signature

4:- Airsign.io

Airsign is an entirely free email signature generator that has most of the functions you might need. The main page of the website is the editor itself. So, one can say it is really easy-to-use and clean. You can fill in all the basic information, add social media icons, and apps buttons, as well as your photo.

Even though Airsign is pretty neat and simple, it lacks some crucial features. For instance, your photo must be 512 kB or less, as there is no automatic picture resize. Also, no banner gallery is provided. However, if you need an email footer ASAP, Airsign is a nice option.

Sign Generator

5:- Wisestamp

Wisestamp has an option for both individuals and corporate clients. You cannot create a signature without signing up though. After you do, the access to some features is blocked unless you buy a subscription.
Wisestamp editor has more interesting options. For example, you can add a link to your recent tweet, YouTube video, or even choose a GIF banner from the gallery. However, there are only holiday banners.

Here’s what we got:

Wisestamp Signature

The signature looks more attractive than previous ones. But it certainly lacks some design. In addition, the Wisestamp editor is actually complicated and not that fun to use.

6:- Mail-signatures

Lastly, mail-signatures is a free email signature generator. It is one of the most useful options for business, as you can add all the corporate information, including physical addresses, and disclaimers. However, there are not many social media icons to choose from, and no banner gallery is provided.

You can add a link to your logo and banner but not upload them. Talking about style, there are some templates that you can change colors of.

Here’s our example made in 2 minutes:


To sum up, an email signature is an important part of your business personality. If you want to look professional and let your recipients quickly access all the basic information about you, you should definitely use a signature.

And if you want to save time and money creating your email footer, use an online email signature generator. It will help you design everything in the way you need with no hustle. Also, we recommend you consider buying a subscription for a single email signature if you want to make it the best and stay sure you don’t lose it.

7. signature.email


signature.email is an email signature generator with an advanced editor where you can customize almost anything in your signature. Starting with one of the base templates you can drag and drop fields, adjust colors, fonts, and spacing. You can add any number of additional fields like contact information, pronouns, legal statements, images, and icons. There are no limitations on the design. You can build a signature for free, but some features like custom color and shape of social icons are a paid feature. With a paid plan you can also easily share your branded email signature template with your entire organization with a single link.

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