Big Data Developer Salaries

Updated October 6, 2023

Big Data Developers Salary

Today’s digital universe of data is constantly growing, from 4.4 zettabytes today to around 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes in the coming years. By the year 2020, one-third of data will be passing through cloud services. This has started a race in both small and large business owners, a race to dominate big data constraints.

These days there is a dire need for big data developers, if you’re on the verge of deciding whether to choose this as a career then don’t think twice. It’s a growing field.

Data Warehouse Manager

Data warehouse managers can make around $115,250. Yes, you heard it right. it is one of the highest paying jobs in this industry. A data warehouse manager is required to work around database and data warehousing tools. The manager also needs strong understanding of warehouse architecture and strong analytic abilities. In addition, a grasp on Oracle, SQL and basic project management skills will get you even further in the salary department.

Data Architect

Data architect gets a median salary of around $125,000, with more experience you can even earn as high as $150,000. If we are to look at the growth rate of pays for this designation, it has risen by 7.5% compared to previous year, which is extremely impressive.

A data architect is supposed to have strong creative and analytic skills. Knowledge of database methodology and data systems is also extremely important. A data architect is responsible for planning and coordinating data resources. If you want to excel and set new pay standards for future generations then you need to have good knowledge of application architecture, performance management, network management and more importantly command on databases like SQL and Oracle.

Database Manager

With median salary of around $123,000, a database manager is yet again a high paying designation in big data industry. If you want to seek this out, you should be able to work around databases. The salary is increasing at around 5% rate, good news eh?, and the position is expected to be even more rewarding in years to come.

Database managers are required to have an in-depth knowledge of databases and changing technology, in addition to SQL and Oracle database knowledge.

Business Intelligence Analyst

The position of Business Intelligent Analyst has an impressive pay of $120,000. They need to have a good understanding of databases. In addition to analyzing, they are also required to report data. These analysts are growing in numbers and their pay growth rate is boosting rapidly at 7% per year.

Business intelligence analysts need to be able to understand database queries and work around different analytical tools both online and offline. In addition to this, analysts need strong written and oral communication skills since they are required to present the information in written or verbal form.

Data Modeler

Data modelers salary stands around $115,000 and it’s growing at a handsome rate of around 5% per year. Data modelers are supposed to perform database development, portal administration, database administration, and data analysis.

So there you have it. Being a big data developer is one of the most in demand jobs in tech industry today. However, remember that companies hiring in this field follow certain rules. The salary largely depends on your expertise, skills, industry and also state.

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