5 Project Management Tools That Can Help Bloggers

Updated October 6, 2023

These days any kind of job is labeled as a project and finer tools are available to manage such job. Such project management tools help in a good way to manage the project to meet with the project demands and complete the task in time along with timely delivery of small milestones to make the project cost viable and cost effective. Thanks to technology for such tools.

A blogger can use these tools to streamline the task, allocate the time to achieve the blog deliverable and define the time line as it suits the project requirement and also have team members to break down the whole task of designing the blog. Content development of the blog, blog promotion and blog marketing, posting and attracting link building initiative for the blog etc.. all these are projects and the following tools can help you in managing your projects.

blogger project management tools

Project Plan: Create and Share Project Plans Online

Create project plans as easily as 1-2-3 using this intuitive Planning Software. It includes all of the commonly used features found in Microsoft Project at only a fraction of the price.

  • Build Gantt Charts
  • Plan Multiple Projects
  • Use Task Software
  • Control Expenses
  • Monitor Workload

Sign up today and your first 30 days will be free. You can create as many project plans as you wish and invite your colleagues to share them with you.


This is one of the most used tools for project management by bloggers. The tool is capable of maintaining a to-do list for bloggers in the admin area. The list is unique for all registered users and this tool monitors the activities such as users who are logged in and displays to-do-list which belongs to them. Bloggers are able to keep the record of various tasks and information with the help of this tool.


It is known as MonkeyGTD and is considered to be a robust and powerful project management tool for blogegrs. This can effectively used for blog projects. It is possible to store this tool on any of the web server so that you can access your files.

Tom’s planner

This is the institutive Grantt chart tool for personal use which can be used by most of the bloggers. It is capable of providing mouse-based tweaking on the work area. It is possible to have a glance at the product as it is available for free to be downloaded.


The tool is mainly available for Mac users and has been known as one of the strongest tools for maintaining information, organizing data and linking them to calendar.


This is mainly available for windows platform and is an excellent project management tool. It helps you to remember important things, save ideas, and reminders about the things you want to do in future. It works will phones and computers, and you can find you stored information easily in your account.

Hope these tools will help you to manage your important projects in time. Feel free to share any other tool that you thing can be helpful for our readers.

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