Keeping Your Tech And Data Secure

Updated October 6, 2023

Data Security

One of the biggest challenges businesses face, right now, is keeping their tech and data secure. Both are very valuable. So, understandably, they are both targeted by thieves.

Despite this, a lot of firms still neglect to protect their tech and data. Fortunately, filling that security gap is relatively easy. Here are the main steps you need to take.

Keep would-be thieves out of your premises

The first step is to keep vandals and thieves outside your business premises. To do this you need to put in a multi-layered security system. But, if you are on a tight budget and just want to make a start, go to somewhere like mysecuritysign to order some signage.

In 2012, a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina and Charlotte interviewed 422 jailed burglars. When they were asked if security signs put them off, the answer was a resounding yes. If they suspected that there was an alarm of cameras, 60% of those interviewed said they would switch to another target. Beware of the dog signs and employee-only area signs also acted as a deterrent. But, not as much as alarm signage does.

Of course, signs would not be enough to keep all of those burglars away forever. The more experienced and determined of those interviewed said they would note the signs. But, for high-value targets, they would come back to determine if there really was an alarm and camera system installed, or not. So, putting up a fake alarm case and cameras may be your next step. But, if you want to be sure, you should plan to install a real alarm and cameras.

Lock it up

Keeping your premises locked is vitally important. You will be surprised by how often thieves enter buildings through a side entrance that staff slip out of to have a smoke. So, make sure that all your exits are secure.

Do the same inside. Storerooms, cabinet rooms and your data center should all be properly locked. It is a good idea to have a reception area that enables you to lock visitors away from other parts of your premises. It is best to have staff members go to reception to accompany visitors into and around your premises.

Invest in locks for all of your PCs, laptops and other large tech items that need to be left on the desk. Encourage people to lock their work phones, tablets and other electronic devices away when they step away from their workstations.

Do the same with your data

You need to do the same with your data. All devices that give people a way to get into your system should be password protected. Whenever possible, put in place a two-part authentication process.

Databases and spreadsheets that contain sensitive information should be properly encrypted and password protected. It is vital that good quality antivirus and malware programs are used. In many cases, limiting internet access on work hardware will also help. Make sure your Wi-Fi is as secure as possible. This is vitally important all sorts of hardware can be hacked using Wi-Fi and it is easy to steal data that way. Also, consider limiting access to USB ports and disk drives, or blanking them out completely.

You also need to be aware of the risk of people inside your organization stealing your tech and data. This article explains how to protect yourself from this.

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