Android OS beats iPhone in UK!– Good News for Android Developers

Updated October 6, 2023

Android OS based devices now has largest share in UK smartphone market. Android’s consumer share overtakes Apple, as per latest facts and figures released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. It is advanced analytics and customized market research solution source, providing high quality surveys in different domains. A latest survey came out on January 23rd revealed that Google’s OS based smartphones have sliced 36.9% of share from the entire market of smartphones in the UK. The preferred brands for Android phones have been Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola. With 28.5%, iPhone models came next to Android OS based smartphones. The increased share of Android OS based smartphones has also accelerated Android apps development for a variety of business communities.

In January 2011, there were six major players in UK’s smartphone market. iOS based smartphones had 29.2 percent share while Android stayed at 20.1%. Other major players were RIM with 18.7 and Symbian with 26.7 and Bada, WinMobile with 5.3%.

The above given figures have completely twisted this year. Android OS grabbed 36.9% and left iPhone behind at 28.5% which I have already mentioned. RIM stayed at 18.1% and Symbian at 13.1%. Remaining shares are held by WP7 and others which almost seem to be invisible. Apart from above given data, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech also confirmed other surveys e.g. – half of British population (about 50.3%) now use a smartphone.

Conditions are absolutely different in the US, one of the largest smartphone markets in the west where Apple handsets still lead the market with 48.4%.  This clearly indicated the ongoing potency of Apple’s iOS based devices. The global consumer insight director of Kantar Worldpanel said:

“The jump we saw in Apple’s share last period was clearly not just a blip caused by the iPhone 4S release. Although the majority of growth is coming from the new handset, Apple’s latest pricing structure is also working in its favor with no discernible drop in sales of older iPhone 4 and 3GS models.”

But, for android apps development companies, UK is still a big market with uncountable business opportunities from all the streams of business communities. So, future for Android developers in UK is bright enough!

Author Bio:- Sirena Alex is a technical Writer who is working with Android Application Development Company. The company is expert to create & develope all form of Android Apps Development.

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  • I saw that coming. As someone who has an iPhone 4s, all I can say is that android is way better than iOs. Hate all the limitations in iOs. But note that there are hundreds of phones running on android now. While iOs runs only in a handful of devices. So I don’t think its fair to compare these two Os’s on the number of sales

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