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Updated October 6, 2023

The time has changed and technological devices, apps, and software have replaced traditional ones. If you look back in time, people would have only one source of entertainment that was television. Similarly, students had to rely heavily on public libraries and bookstores to conduct research for their next assignment, quiz, or their next exam. The greatest pleasure was having a book in my hand right before going to bed. From classic novels to motivational books, pleasure and passion for reading were enormous.

Time changed and paper books were replaced with e-book readers. Bookworms use to download different e-books online and read them either on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. But Amazon Kindle was the best invention to help book readers buy or rent a book and start reading right from their Kindle device. The prices were much more affordable than paper books.

You don’t need to have an Amazon Kindle device to read your favorite books. Even you can download different e-book apps to get started and read them on your smartphone or tablet. But having an app is not enough unless you don’t have an internet connection that would help you in searching for the best books available online. Moreover, you also have to do other activities like streaming, downloading, gaming, and surfing.

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Having an internet connection is a sigh of relief, which means you can also search for your favorite books online and read them on your device. Let’s take a look at some of the best ebook readers you can download on your device to read your favorite books whether it be fiction, sci-fi, biography, science, or anything you are interested in.



You would fall in love with FullReader after opening it for the first time. Without letting you guess what to do next, the app guides you step by step on how to use the app. The user interface is clean and minimalistic. The homepage features three categories including explorer, recent, and favorites.

You can add your favorite books to the library by clicking the plus icon floating at the bottom of the screen. The app supports some of the popular formats to open your favorite book. Moreover, turning the pages is super easy with volume buttons, which is a unique feature. The app delivers the best reading experience by offering the users to customize font and background settings.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader has been a top choice for most book lovers. It is one of the oldest apps with a simple user interface. The app supports multiple formats including Adobe DRM, PDF, and EPUB. The book reader also rents out books for avid readers.

Aldiko Book Reader also brings a huge collection of public libraries allowing you to borrow books without any hassle. You can also add new catalogs according to your needs and customize your reading by changing themes and fonts.


AIReader is the best e-book reader for everyone looking for a huge collection of books to fulfill your greed for reading books. The app supports multiple formats including HTML, rft, fbz, txt, PDF, mobi, and many more. Moreover, the best part of AIReader is its support text to speech. The user interface is customizable and allows readers to auto-scroll pages, change view modes, and page-turning animations. AIreader is free to use, but you can also pay donations ranging from $0.99 to $9.72.

Foxit PDF Reader

The Foxit PDF Reader is also one of the handpicked apps for e-book reading allowing book lovers to get the dose of their favorite books. If you have downloaded multiple books in PDF format, you can try this app, which also gives you an editing option.

The app supports 12 languages and allows you to search for documents with ease. You can even create blank PDF documents from scratch, just like you do in the Word file. Moreover, if you want to combine two different PDFs, you can use the Foxit PDF reader to do all the work.

Kobo Books

If you are one of those book lovers who love to collaborate with other book readers, then Kobo Books is the best option to go for. Keeping your bookshelf free, you can download over 5 million titles from different categories including autobiography, arts, science, drama, fiction, and non-fiction.

You can also find audiobooks on the Kobo app to help you listen to your favorite books without straining your eyes. A great way to help you learn many things on the go whether you are jogging in the park, driving to your office, or lying down in your bed.

Summing Up

Book reading is the best pastime you could use to help you stay motivated and up to date on every subject. The aforementioned apps are best to download as they offer you a huge collection of book titles to download without paying hefty charges.

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