7 Best Torrent Search Engines [2024 Tested and Working]

Updated December 23, 2023

Looking for the 7 best torrent search engines working in 2023? Well, you’re at the right place! If you frequently use torrents, you might have known about BitTorrent, the central hub of all the sites that offer this service.

Well, a torrent search engine can let you access all of them from a single place without any restrictions. Although geo-limitations are still there, you can always use torrent mirrors or proxies or download VPN to surpass them. With that said, let’s dig deeper into our overview of the 7 best torrent search engines working in 2023. 

7 Best Torrent Search Engines Working in 2023

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1Torrentz 5XTORX 
2Snowfl 6Solid Torrents 

1. Torrentz 

torrentz search engine

Our first pick for the best search engine that’s working in 2023 is Torrentz, and that’s obviously for multiple reasons. However, before moving towards describing its features, you must first know that the original Torrentz is now down. And this one is its mirror site and works exactly the same, so there’s no issue in using it. Even the interface is pretty much similar to the original Torrentz search engine. 

Starting with its best aspect, you will love that Torrentz supports Magnet Search. Moving forward, you can find a huge variety of content here to download, which includes different movies, games, software, anime, and even the newly released web series. And the best part? There are minimum chances of it being restricted in your region as Torrentz works in almost all countries without any limitations.

Moreover, it is a meta-search engine, which means it can look up data from other torrent search engines as well. So next time when you want to download a movie for fun or software for professional reasons, you know which Torrent search engine to consider as the top option. 

2. Snowfl 

snowfl search engine

Second on the list, we have Snowfl, one of the most trustworthy torrent search engines that not only do the desired job but also takes complete care of your privacy. The best part about this search engine is that it comprises a pretty much simple interface that is easy to navigate. There are no complicated functions, so you can easily use them even as a beginner.

Snowfl features a search box where you can enter your desired torrent and look up for it from the displayed results. However, you must make sure the spelling of the torrent is exactly the same. This search engine is nothing like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. And will not correct your mistakes automatically. Instead, it will display an error, so this aspect needs extra attention.

What’s next? Well, you can find a variety of games, movies, and music over here, and that too, irrespective of your geographical location. Just like Torrentz, Snowfl is also not restricted according to particular regions. Now once you search the torrent, you will have two options: download the torrent directly from the results or use the magnet link.

If we talk about ads, then they are bearable. There are no pop-ups, and only a single ad will appear on your screen as you navigate through Snowfl. 

3. Torrends

torrends search engine

Snowfl had a drawback, i.e., the inability to correct typos. But what if I tell you there are torrent search engines that can do that just perfectly? Well, here I am talking about Torrends, one of our best picks for searching torrent finder sites.

Though there’s an issue with this search engine as its domain is not consistent and keeps changing over time. The current active one is Torrend.to, which you can also access via Torrents.me. The best thing about this torrent search engine is that it uses TorrentSeeker and Google simultaneously to display the results. This means you’d get a 100% accurate Torrent downloading website when using it.

If we talk about numbers, Torrends currently boasts around 61 million torrent files and also features combined trackers. The trackers come from different torrent sites. All these features combine to make it one of the most powerful search engines out there, and that’s why it even landed as one of our top three picks. Using our provided link, you can easily visit this torrent search engine!

4. iDope 

idope search engine

If you are a frequent torrent user, you might have heard about the Kickass Torrent. Well, we are not going to talk about that here, but iDope, which is a tribute to Kickass Torrent. Here you can find everything from movies, music, games, software, and e-books. However, the catch is that it is banned in several countries, so you must first check its availability in your region.

Otherwise, you can pick any other torrent search engine mentioned on our list. It relies completely on the BitTorrent search engine and has a pretty impressive interface. One thing that makes this search engine stand out is that it features advanced search modes. Other than that, you can also do three types of torrent searches.

A brief overview of all is given below: 

Exact search: Here, you simply need to enter the torrent site’s name without any additional phrases or variations. 

Full search: In this, the torrent is searched via a central server. The best thing about full search is that it allows you to find the most trustworthy torrents with higher seeders and peers. 

Multi-search: This type of search displays three types of results if you search a two-words phrase. Searching Disney World will display torrent for the entire phrase and also separately for Disney and World. 


xtorx torrent search engine

Tired of ads that appear suddenly when you’re navigating through a torrent search engine? In fact, those on the screen’s side can also be annoying. Well, we have good news for you! XTORX is just a torrent search engine that literally hates ads, and you’ll not find even a single one over here. And the best things about this search engine don’t stop here.

It has a pretty simple interface with no complicated functions to take your time. Just toggle on the search bar and type your desired torrent to get started. However, you can’t just directly download the torrents that it displays in the results. Instead, you need to visit them personally and then download them from there.

Another drawback is that this website doesn’t let you filter the searches. However, the simplicity doesn’t tone down the search engine’s capability, and it is still one of the most valuable go-to options for torrent users. 

6. Solid Torrents 

solid torrents search engine

Our second last torrent search engine on the list goes by the name Solid Torrents, which prioritizes speed and ease of navigation. What users love the most about this torrent search engine is that it has a pretty simple and organized interface which makes it easier for them to ping a search.

And the best part? You can find different categories, like games, movies, software, etc., on its homepage to narrow down your search. Currently, it has around 30 Million indexed torrent sites, so you’re sure to find the one that suits your needs. However, it may not be available in a few regions, so you do need to check this first.

7. TorrentDownload

torrentdownload search engine

At last, we have Torrent Download, the search engine with an interface like that of a torrent website. It features millions of torrents from uTorrent. And it also relies on Torrentz2 and LimeTorrents to display the result.

The best part is that you can easily find its mirror sites in case the original one doesn’t work due to geo-restrictions. You can access them via TorrentDownload.me. It also features a homepage with different torrent-related categories for your ease of access. These include the latest and top torrents.

So next time when you want to use a torrent search engine with millions of indexed sites, do consider torrent downloads along with our other picks on the list! 


So here you have it, the list of best torrent search engines working in 2023. All our picks are completely safe to use and can definitely fulfill your torrent-related needs effectively. And they don’t even put your data privacy at risk. Although some may be banned in your country, you can always visit another search engine. Or even using a VPN can resolve this problem.

So what’s the wait for? Visit one now and download your favorite movies, films, software, and e-books right at your fingertips. You can also check our list of torrent sites to download any file.


What is a Torrent search engine?

The torrent search engine is just like Google or Bing. The only difference is that it displays all the BitTorrent websites in one place and not any random search query. 

Why torrent search engine is not working?

It may not work in case your country or ISP has blocked access to the search engine. In that situation, you can always install a VPN and use the search engine. 

How to know which torrent website is good on the search engine?

Simply look for the one with the highest number of seeders, peers, and leechers.  

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