How to Open Banned Torrent Sites in India?

Updated October 6, 2023

Since time immortal dictatorships, democracies, monarchies and other type of government forms have devised ways to keep the masses ignorant by curtailing access to information and hence knowledge. Recently, it happened in the world’s biggest democracy, India. They banned almost 300 websites, torrent and other related sites on the grounds of promoting piracy. How to open banned torrent sites in India? This is one question that I have come across over a hundred times in the past couple of weeks (since the ban). And this was the question that inspired me to find an escape route to save our online freedom, security and privacy.

You may or may not be aware that whenever you go online, your personal data (including bank information and passwords), your browsing data and any private activity that you do online can be easily spied upon and hacked as well. Access to Facebook or some dating website is often denied when you are in your office, school or university. Social higher ups govern our online privacy, security and freedom. It is like living in a glass house. Learn to say no to it.

If you live an online life, you must have heard about Hotspot Shield. It is the world’s most preferred internet security application with over 10 million users worldwide. It’s free. And it is also the answer to your question-How to open banned torrent sites in India? Hotspot Shield is the brainchild of some tech-savvy people determined to give this world a perfect free, secure and private browsing experience. Hotspot Shield is a revolutionary free VPN service that enables you to browse the internet as an anonymous user.

Hotspot Shield sets up an encrypted link between your computer/smart phone and its servers and all the internet traffic is then forwarded through this link. So you virtually get behind the Hotspot Shield and become anonymous. It hides your identity from third party websites and ISPs. It secures your entire web session, bank information and passwords. Millions of users from countries with censored internet access are using Hotspot Shield to keep their knowledge doors open and gain uncensored access to all the information and websites they want access to. In a very similar way you can also access banned torrent sites and other types of content in India.

Our online freedom is equally important as is our physical freedom. Let no one get in our way. I always promote and talk about products which help in the betterment of mankind. I find Hotspot Shield to be one such product. It strives for our freedom to access information that we want, it secures us from hackers and keeps our private online activities private.

Let free will prevail.

Author Bio:- Prashant is the Content Manager at Click Labs, online marketing partner of Hotspot Shield, the leading Free VPN service provider. He has written over 100 articles pertaining to online security, privacy and internet circumvention.

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