IBM Has Developed A Search Engine

Updated October 6, 2023

Search engines are one of most popular websites today because they allow us to find and access all sorts of information on the internet with ease. Using a search engine you can search thousands of websites with ease and find all information that you need in a matter of moments.

Therefore, search engines are the key parts of internet that make our lives simpler and easier and over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of search engines. First there was AltaVista and then came Google that became one the leading search engines today. Several years later Yahoo! Search came followed by MSN Search in the next year. These are the leading search engines on the market and besides them there are many smaller ones. Well it seems that we’re getting another search engine that comes from IBM.

ibm search engine[Credit]

IBM is a company that is focused on computer technology and it seems bit unexpected to see a search engine from this company. This new search engine is currently used by North Carolina State University and it can crawl through massive amount of Web data. So far, this search engine can harvest data and it is used for finding investors. North Carolina State’s Office of Technology Transfer has more than 3000 technologies invented by students and staff. Staff usually uses manual search to find investors for these new technologies but that process can last from two to four months. Now with the help of this search engine that process can take from ten days up to couple of weeks. This search engine consists of two tools:

analytics and the language tool and each of them gets specific search criteria from the user and it uses that criteria to search the web. Both tools manage to search more than 1.4 million websites, so we can only guess how long that process would take if it was done manually. IBM has developed an interesting search engine, and we’re looking forward to future improvements.

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  • Robert @

    IBM, search engine? Nah won’t turn into much, not for the average user anyway

  • pcd2k@ Hope Jhon will replay to your comment as soon as possible.

  • Jose Tinto

    Competition improves the quality. First yahoo then Bing now it is IBM, lets see what they can do in this search world where Google is the King.

  • Interesting !
    Does this search engine have a name ?

  • Good News.Waiting for new Search Engine from IBM 😀

  • fayaz@technicalstatus

    nice ,but it never break top engines
    we will see

  • Blogging tips

    That’s cool news..

    BUt the Question is ? whether it will compete with google ??
    let’s see

    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

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