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Updated October 6, 2023

You had a hectic day at work and came home after completing your work. The day was so busy that you don’t want to think about it and prefer to devote some time to leisure. You turn on your device and start playing your favorite game on it. While playing your favorite game, you won’t be focusing on a tiring day, and it is a fantastic opportunity to use your brain in constructive ways.

Gaming has proved to reduce stress levels in individuals as certain titles reduced the Adrenaline response by 50 percent. There are times when the children start bothering you while you are doing some important work. You can keep them busy by playing the game for them or can tell someone to play with them. You can focus on the relevant stuff, and they are sitting at a place and engaged in something fun. If you want to have a marvelous experience while playing video games or are willing to explore new challenges, you must consider buying a gaming monitor.

You would come across many options, and choosing the right configuration might be a daunting task for those buying it for the first time. Out of all these choices, try to invest in the best 1440p 144hz monitor. Almost 120 monitors were tested, and out of them, we have compiled a list of the best ones. Let us explore a few options that are available in such configurations so that you can decide which one to buy:

Best Gaming Monitors

1. HDR ALTERNATIVE: SAMSUNG C27HG70: Samsung is not just a brand name but is a leader of technological innovations. It comes with HDR gaming capabilities. This device ratio has a wide color gamut in HDR. It results in deep blacks when you play the darkroom game due to a high contrast ratio. The local dimming feature that comes along with it is not very good. If poor viewing angles aren’t a concern for you, then you can go for this monitor.

2. Best Ultrawide 1440p Gaming Monitor: LG 34GN850-B: Testing proves that this device is the best 1440p 144hz monitor and gives an impressive performance. A device that comes with a 34-inch screen and 21:9 aspect ratio and offers gamers an immersive gaming experience. It is ideal for office work as there is plenty of screen real estate available on the device. Besides this, you will get great color accuracy and wide viewing angles with this device. The LG monitor’s major drawback is that it has limited ergonomics and must not be kept in the dark rooms due to the low contrast ratio. Users feel elated while making a 1440p device their PlayStation.

3. ASUS TUF VG27AQ: Asus is another popular brand name and is the most preferred choice of gaming enthusiasts. This is the 1440p 144hz monitor that comes with a FreeSync feature. It has a perfect 27-inch screen that gives an exhilarating gaming experience, and you don’t have to overtax your graphics card. You can find some scintillating features in this device. Let us go through some of them:

  • Side images are produced accurately.
  • Ideal for use in an average lit room.
  • Excellent ergonomics


  • No USB hubs for charging.
  • Unable to display while coloring gamut.

You can enhance the performance of your game and get FreeSync support get the best 1440p 144hz monitor today

4. ViewSonic Elite XG270QG: Are you looking for a device with the latest features such as GSync support? Look no further than ViewSonic Elite. It has a 27-inch screen that supports IPS panels. Wide viewing angles and accuracy make it the most preferred choice of gamers. At times it gets so bright and often helps to overcome glares in the room. The quality and ergonomics of this device are good.

You can find the RGB lighting strip at the back of the device. The overall look of the device is fair enough. Manufacturers of this device want to satisfy the serious and casual gamers as it caters to their needs and meets their expectations.

It offers phenomenal motion handling due to fast response time. Black Frame Insertion Feature is inbuilt and reduced motion blur. You can use the BFI feature only when the GSync mode of the device is disabled.

This device has a USB 3.0 port and a pair of integrated speakers.

5. SMALLER ALTERNATIVE: DELL S2417DG: If you believe that the ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is massive, look at its smaller alternative, Dell S2417DG. The screen size of this device is 24 inches because of 1440p it offers high density. High density means sharp images and text. It has a fast response time, possibly due to a TN panel. The features of the device doesn’t end here. Its low contrast ratio and black frame uniformity make this device unsuitable for dark rooms. This device gives excellent performance when placed in bright rooms. You can find four USB 3.0 ports that charge the device faster. It is a device that supports the GSync feature. Its wide viewing angles, more features, and free sync compatibility make it the most preferred game enthusiast choice.It is the best 1440p 144 Hz monitor that every gamer must-have. If you want to buy a small screen device, then you must give a thought to Dell monitors.

Gaming monitors have become part and parcel of life, and our lives become monotonous if we don’t give time to things that we love the most. You can choose a gaming monitor that matches the configuration, requirements, and budget that one is searching for. Try to read the reviews of each one of them as they would help you make a wise decision about the kind of device you want. Along with it, every device’s pros and cons will affect the buying decision of the person. Choose reliable professionals when it comes to something you will use for a long time and should openly discuss your requirements. Observe every monitor very closely as no one wants to end up spending their hard-earned money on something useless.

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