How is Technology Going to Change the Gaming Industry

Updated October 6, 2023

The constantly changing and advancing technology is impacting the gaming industry just like any other sector. The digital possibilities are countless. We have seen a major technological shift in a small period over the past few years. Gone are the days when a landline phone or a fax machine were the only sources of communication. Nowadays, email, video calls, and instant chat bridge the distances between people, no matter what corner of the world you are located in. Since the advent of the internet, technology has taken a major leap. Having a blazing-fast internet connection and that too, at a reasonable price, is no biggie these days. Take a look at RCN internet plans, for instance, and you will definitely want to subscribe for a seamless connectivity experience at a reasonable price. Faster internet connection has reinforced the expansion of the gaming industry further, opening doors to newer possibilities and advancements beyond imagination. So, here we are with the most impressive technological trends that have taken the gaming world to a whole new level.

Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is the best example of how we witnessed the dream of augmented reality coming true. Augmented reality is a cool new technology that has been incorporated into the gaming world to provide the most fascinating experience to gamers. That is how Pokemon Go brought everyone together through their smartphones. We can consider it as a mixed reality experience where we get to see the gaming world fused with our real world. Now that smartphones and fast-speed internet are available easily around the world, augmented reality gaming is expected to expand in the years to come. In addition to Pokemon Go, we have other exciting examples including Zombies, Run! where you literally feel a part of the zombie outbreak and find yourself running to save your life, also having a very positive impact on your health and fitness.

Voice Control

As neat as it may sound, another gift of technology to the gaming world is the smooth voice control feature. It may look like you are merely talking to your screen but the fact is that it makes the gaming interface better than ever. Imagine actually being able to talk to the characters of the game and having proper conversations with them. How cool is that! Computers are now able to recognize the various voice commands given by the users. This means you can switch the console on or off, control gameplay over voice commands, play anything from your media library, or interact on social media, by simply talking to the gaming system.

3D Graphics

Gone are the days of 8-bit graphics. The latest technological improvements have allowed gamers to experience the most realistic graphics and gaming textures than ever before. The image quality is so high that you literally feel like you are part of the game.

High-Definition Displays

While gaming graphics are getting increasingly extraordinary, you also have the perfect high-definition screens to display the fascinating gameplay. We have entered the era of Ultra 4K gaming. TVs have gone wild with the cutting-edge 4K capabilities and so have the 4K laptops. Though the prices had been high over the years, their costs are seeing a decline. This means, eventually, these high-definition displays will be a new standard to play the games we love. The colors, contrast, and images are as crisp as never before.


Smartwatches and glasses are becoming common, and so are wearable games, making portable gaming possible. All hail to the technological advancements! More and more companies seem to be interested in launching gaming wearables as an extension of the gaming consoles we love so much.

Mobile Gaming

With the tremendous rise in smartphone usage, gaming experiences are not confined to computers rather they have reached our palms. There has been a massive shift in the gaming trends where we see people commuting, sitting in the cafeteria, or waiting at a bus stop, and enjoying the buzz of their favorite games on their phones. This has also increased the number of online gamers, who are no longer limited to hardcore console gaming. Infusion of the gaming world with mobile technology has been an instant hit and given a new hype to the gaming arena, with countless additions of the most outstanding mobile-enabled online games.

Cloud Gaming

Powerful hardware is no longer an obstacle for developers for creating video games. With the use of the cloud, games are not dependent on the limited memory offered by the consoles or discs.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are sitting in your living room or commuting, there is no stopping you from enjoying your favorite games. Technology has bestowed the most exciting features including 3D graphics, voice control, cloud gaming, wearables, and mobile gaming as some of the most incredible gifts to gamers.