How Technology Is Transforming The Casino And Gaming Industry

Updated October 6, 2023

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Since the origins of gambling, the industry has tried to keep up with technology in order to stay relevant and attract new customers. So, it comes as no surprise that casinos and betting companies are willing to pay for the latest development in order to stay competitive in a saturated market. It is also no surprise that the correlation between gambling and technology has increased significantly since the beginning of the 21st century and does not look like slowing down.

These are the ways in which technology is changing the casino and gambling industry:

Online Casinos

Because of the internet being ever changing and developing, online casinos have been forced to adapt fast and to constantly stay on top. However, because computers have been used for randomization and the calculations needed in gambling, the transition has been seamless.

Not everybody was sure about online gambling and casinos when they were first developed, but with new regulations and tighter rules that casinos need to obey to operate online, casinos such as ComeOn Casino have been able to make the most of this technology that has now become essential in our day to day life.

Mobile Casinos

With the advancement in smartphones has come changes on online casinos. Having access to the internet anywhere and any time also means access to online gambling. You can download specific apps and play any casino game you fancy wherever you might be. There is no need to wait, be in a specific place or dress accordingly. You can gamble while waiting in a train station or doctor’s waiting room.

This is not only limited to casino games. Now you can place bets on any sporting event around the world from your smartphone. Because 43% of people worldwide use their smartphones to place bets, many casino apps also offer sports betting options, meaning you can have both in one single application.


The improvement of graphic technologies has led to the online gambling industry to develop games as realistic as possible. You can enjoy surround sound, live chats, incredible graphics in 3D with 4k resolution and many games such as slots are able to be themed towards pop culture.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been labelled as the future of gaming. And it is no different when talking about the gambling industry. This technological development promises to take gambling and online casinos to the next level with interfaces that are more realistic than ever before. The only setback is how expensive it is to fully enjoy the VR experience, but some apps and games have already been adapting and changing to be able to incorporate this feature.


There is no doubt that technology has changed the casino and gambling industry. These improvements have attracted thousands of more players, more than ever before. Brick and mortar casinos have also began included certain online games in their establishments. Once the VR technology is perfect, we could see a change in gambling unlike anything ever before.

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