Best App to Track a Cell Phone Location — iSharing App Review

Updated October 6, 2023

iSharing by iSharingSoft is the highest-rated free location sharing app for both iOS and Android. With millions of users around the world, iSharing allows family members and close friends to share location with each other in a private way, making iSharing the best way to track a cell phone location.

iSharing is built to help parents and caregivers achieve a peace of mind knowing where their loved ones are, using easy and accurate tracking and various safety alerts. If you’re a parent looking to track your kids’ location, so that you can rest easier knowing where your kids are during their time away from home, then check out iSharing, an app that allows parents to track kids’ location without much tech knowledge needed.

Track a Cell Phone Location

Here are all the features available on iSharing:

  • View the real-time location of your family members and friends on the map
  • Receive real-time alerts when friends or family arrive/leave a designated location
  • See the 90-day location history of yourself or your friends and family
  • Send a panic alert to notify contacts in an emergency situation, just with the shake of the phone
  • Send text, voice, or photo messages without having to leave the map
  • Track dangerous events while you’re driving and visualize them with Driving Report
  • Get the 3D experience with Street view integrated with Google and Apple Maps

How it works

iSharing uses a mix of GPS, your phone signal, and Wi-Fi connection to locate a cell phone location. iSharing then displays the location using Apple or Google Maps, allowing users to enjoy the location tracker from anywhere in the world. You can download iSharing on any device that has access to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

To start tracking a phone’s location, you need to download the app, sign up, and add the person that you want to track as a “friend.” Once they’re added as a friend, you will have access to their location 24/7 an vice versa.

Unique Pros of iSharing

  1. The iSharing team spent 7 years developing a unique technology that keeps battery usage to a minimum. Unlike other location apps, iSharing will not drain your battery.
  2. iSharing offers location history for up to 90 days, while most competitors offer 30.
  3. Integrated with global map providers and localized in 20 languages, iSharing is a truly global location tracking app and works perfectly for international travel. Their support team is also available in each of the languages provided in the app.
  4. Knowing that all families and friend groups have different boundaries, iSharing has privacy settings that allow users to select how much location information they would like to share with specific friends. iSharing has three privacy settings: share all, share only distance between them, and not share at all.
  5. iSharing offers a variety of safety features for the convenience and peace of mind of the family. For instance, Driving Report helps young drivers check how safely they are driving, while features like Place Alert notifies the family when their family arrives home or leaves for school.

Some Cons of iSharing

  1. Tracking without the other party’s consent or knowledge is difficult to achieve in iSharing. iSharing works like Facebook – you need to add someone as a friend and they need to approve before you can track their location. However, iSharing helps family members build trust with the consent factor.
  2. The app is FREE with an optional paid subscription. To use some of the features like Driving Report, you need to subscribe to their Premium Service. However, if you intend to track your own device or track the location of one additional person, the free version will work perfectly fine.

Luckily, all new users are eligible for a free 7-day trial of Premium Service.

In Recent News…

With the current events taking place in Ukraine, iSharing has announced that they will provide free Premium Service memberships to all users from Ukraine. This means that Ukraininan citizens will be able to check on the location of an unlimited number of friends and family to ensure their safety and use all of the additional safety features built into iSharing.

The best way to support this effort is to share the information and to download iSharing. Please visit iSharing’s announcement page for more information with regards to how this campaign works.

Want to give iSharing a try? Visit their website to learn more about the app and to download for free!

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