Watches For Diving: Know The Best Models And Do Not Miss More In The Choice

Updated October 6, 2023

Do you have a passion for diving but never imagined that you could perform this activity using a watch? Today is possible! There are models of watches for divers, both professional and amateur, on the market. Dive watches go beyond elegance and style, help and provide convenience for those moments. Grab and order your Globo Surf dive watch today.

This is because these models have functions that can be used at the moment, such as chronometers, compass, calendar, among other things more specific. However, for a watch to be used in the practice of diving, it is important that it supports water pressure and is water resistant. They are also a symbol of watchmaking, and that is precisely why many of the successful brands include dive watches in their collections, or even create specific dive collections. The resistance to high pressures, the perfection of the complex mechanism, and the quality of movement are essential elements to which the diver entrusts his own life. As such, it is not any brand that is able to design a watch of this nature.

Watches For Diving

Why buy a diving watch?

As we all know, watches are not just for looking at the hours, but they are also accessories that say a lot about people. The dive models are bigger, daring and with a simple look but generally very bold and mainly with day to day functions. They are designed and planned to keep track of time in dangerous situations, such as in the ocean or rivers. More importantly, dive watches are durable and waterproof, which also helps day-to-day or rainy weather conditions.

Waterproof watch: how to identify and which model to choose?

Many people who buy watches and, without knowing their resistance, put it in contact with water, run the risk of having your watch damaged. For you to know how to identify whether a watch is waterproof or not, and so you can use it with ease.

When buying your accessory, always check whether it is classified as water resistant or waterproof.

Water resistant: Ideal for day-to-day use and withstands rain or when the watch is accidentally wet in situations such as washing your hands. Therefore, this model is not intended for anyone who intends to extend watch exposure to situations involving a large amount of water. Failure to do so may result in defects or loss of the product.

Waterproof: As the name already says, the watch is suitable for use in situations and for activities in the water, such as swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, and then bathing with it, entering the swimming pool, sea, among others.

Even if your watch is proof of more extreme situations, such as professional diving, be careful with its conservation! Still, it is not free from the effects of salt water. That way, after practicing an aquatic activity, wash the watch in fresh water and dry it on a dry cloth. Water is rich in oxygen, the element responsible for the oxidation process of metals, which causes the watch material to wear out faster. The salt then speeds up this process even further and needs to be removed from the entire accessory, especially metal fasteners. By doing this cleaning and removing the salt that is in the product, you maintain a good functioning of your watch and you can enjoy it for much longer!
The most popular diving watch is Rolex Sea Dweller. But let us cite some ideal models for the practice of aquatic sports activities and even for leisure. See also:

1. G-Shock Cockpit

  • Sapphire glass anti-glare coating (resists scratches)
  • Neon-shiny luminous hands and markers
  • Solar Charging System 29 time zones (29 hours worldwide)

Depth resistant to water 200 meters.

2. Citizen Eco-drive

  • Water Resistant Depth 660 feet
  • This watch is the classic dress watch with polished stainless steel case and rubber strap.
  • With a scratch-resistant mineral crystal
  • Date and chronograph features.

3:- Invicta Venom

  • Unidirectional bezel function
  • Date calendar
  • Special features and water resistant
  • Water resistant 1,000 meters

These are some of the most suitable models for the practice of diving and water activities, however you can find more models of different brands.

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