10 Best AirTag Alternatives for Android and iPhone

Updated October 6, 2023

Apple’s AirTag is one of the most useful products that has made it easier to recover lost stuff by tracking it accurately. But the catch is that only iOS users can leverage this tech. Not anymore, as many brands have taken this initiative and introduced AirTag alternatives for Android users. Meanwhile, people with iOS devices can also use them if they want a different form factor or are on a tight budget.

Considering this, we have thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the best AirTag alternatives for Android and iPhone so you can find the one that best meets your needs. Let’s not waste much time and dig deeper into the overview of our top picks.

What is an AirTag?

An AirTag is basically a small device that functions on Apple’s Find My network, helping users locate lost items. You just need to attach the device to your valuables, and it can effectively help you track their accurate location.

An AirTag alternative is a similar device manufactured by other companies for users who can’t purchase AirTag for any reason. It could be because they are Android users, or the price factor may be the culprit.

How Does AirTag Work?

An AirTag functions based on a combination of different technologies, i.e., Bluetooth Low Energy, ultra-wideband, and the Find My network. Using these, it sends signals that Apple devices nearby can detect.

Similarly, its alternative devices also use various wireless means to help you precisely track your valuable stuff. They can be based on Bluetooth, GPS, or RFID, varying according to the different models.

How to Purchase the Best AirTag Alternative?

As mentioned earlier, many tech companies have introduced products that can effectively compete with Apple’s AirTag. And finding the ideal one amongst all the options can get overwhelming. However, it’s still possible if you consider a few important factors like

  • Compatibility with your device
  • Build quality
  • Form factor/size
  • Waterproof body
  • Cost
  • Tracking range
  • Tracking mechanism, i.e., GPS or Bluetooth

10 Best AirTag Alternatives for Android and iPhone

Here are some of the most reliable AirTag alternatives for both the major operating systems, i.e., Android and iPhone.

1. TilePro

TilePro Best Airtag alternative

Purchase Here

The first AirTag alternative available for both Android and iPhone is Tile Pro. You can easily attach this compact device to your valuables and track their whereabouts through the Tile app. What users find the best in Tile Pro is its speaker, which produces a loud sound so you can easily locate the missing items.

If you are wondering how this tracker works, then its mechanism is almost similar to an AirTag. This device utilizes Bluetooth to find things that are located under its radar. Its battery is another impressive aspect that will make your spending worth it. The CR2032 battery has an average lifetime of a year. Moreover, you can replace it if it runs out instead of buying a new device.

2. Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki GPS Tracker

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If you are low on budget but want a tracker that can fulfill all the primary functions of an AirTag, then Tracki GPS Tracker could be your go-to solution. Priced under $20, this device is lightweight, so you can easily carry it around.

Moreover, its small-sized structure is what makes Tracki a hit. From your car to suitcases, you can attach it anywhere to keep a close eye on your valuables. Its working mechanism is slightly different from a typical AirTag as it is based on a global positioning system. This means you won’t have to face any restrictions regarding the device’s tracking distance.

3. TrackR Bravo

TrackR Bravo Airtag Alternative

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Are you tired of forgetting your phone at places when it’s on silent? Don’t worry; the TrackR Bravo can take this hassle out of your life with its exceptional functionality. Using this tracking device, you can quickly locate your phone as it makes it ring even if you have put it on silent.

Moreover, it is highly compatible with both Android and iOS. However, if you are an iPhone user, then there are certain limitations to know about. It won’t work if your device’s version is lower than 9.0.

Besides these two major operating systems, this tracker is even compatible with Alexa, which is rare in most AirTag alternatives. Coming towards the tracking range of TrackR, it can only locate items under 100 feet as it functions on Bluetooth.

4. CubePro

CubePro for Android and iPhone

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CubePro is a robust AirTag alternative that’s giving it tough competition with an array of useful features. Firstly, it performs two major functions at a price of one. Using this tracker, you can locate not only the items it’s attached to but also your Android or iOS phone.

Moving towards its body, you’ll be impressed to know that it’s highly durable and waterproof, rated IP67. So it’s definitely a long-term investment if appropriately taken care of. Besides it, this tracker also features an alarm that rings when you forget something behind.

The battery of this device is also top-notch, and you can replace it anytime to keep your tracker functional like before.

5. Chipolo ONE Spot

Chipolo ONE Spot Airtag aternative

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The ONE Spot Item Finder by Chipolo stands unique in our list for its seamless compatibility with the Find My feature on iOS devices. This means you don’t need to waste your money on any third-party application subscription.

Coming towards its additional features, you will be surprised to know how well this small, compact device can perform. It lets you share the tracking system with your loved ones. Moreover, there’s also an exceptional functionality that alerts you if you leave any of your valuables behind.

Another notable aspect of this device is that you can control it with your voice using Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

6. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

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Next on our list is another Tile product from its Mate series that can locate items within a range of 150 feet. The battery of this tracker lasts up to 12 months with regular use. And you can then replace it once it runs out. Moreover, it has a sleek design that is durable to last for months.

For some additional features, you can avail of the premium plan for just $3. This low-priced subscription offers battery replacement without additional costs, the capability to share unlimited locations, and text support.

7. Cube Shadow

Cube Shadow

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Here we have another AirTag alternative by Cube that is thinnest of all. While this tracker wins for its size, several other notable features exist. For instance, you can quickly recharge its battery.

Meanwhile, the IP67-rated body is also a plus factor that will protect your device against moisture. And its alert sounds are also loud enough to get noticed. However, beware that the software of this tracker can even give out false alarms, putting you under unnecessary stress.

8. Baseus Intelligent T2

Baseus Intelligent T2

Purchase Here

If you want to purchase a high-performance tracker that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, then Baseus Intelligent T2 has got your back. The unique aspect of this tracker is its 5kg weight which is lighter than all our other picks.

However, the tracking range of this device is slightly lower, i.e., 50 feet. But it’s the best offer you can get at a price lower than $15. Moreover, its innovative application presents some exceptional pairing features. You can pair up to 4 trackers if you are an Android user. While for Apple device owners, the limit extends up to 6.

9. Tile Sticker

Tile Sticker for iPhone and Android

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It won’t be wrong to call Tile the top competing brand of AirTag, as its third product has made it to our list. But what is special about this tracker? It comes with a self-adhesive body that you can easily stick to your stuff. And the grip is tight, so you don’t have to worry about the device detaching from the surface.

If you want a tracker for your favorite bicycle, headphones, or similar item, the Tile Sticker is worth trying. It can seamlessly detect things that fall within a radius of 250 feet. Meanwhile, you can operate it through your voice using any compatible assistant.

10. Orbit


Purchase Here

Last but not the least, we have Orbit, which can be your aesthetic AirTag replacer with its sleek design. Moreover, you can even use it as a remote to capture pictures conveniently. This waterproof device has all the features a good tracker should have, including a wide range of tracking limits, a long-running replaceable battery, and 12 color options to choose from.


If you can’t use AirTag due to being an Android user or its hefty prices, this article has your back with the top AirTag alternatives for Android and iPhone. The best part is that they offer similar features as AirTag at a fraction of the cost.

So invest in one now and relax, knowing that a device will always have your back to help you recover your valuables whenever you lose them.

FAQs for Airtag Alternatives

1. Is there a need for batteries in AirTag alternatives?

Yes, the batteries are a must-have component for any portable tracker, irrespective of its brand. However, its type varies accordingly. For instance, some devices can have batteries you can refill by charging. At the same time, many depend on one-time usage. So you must replace them after they completely drain out.

2. Will my Airtag alternative tracker work on iPhone Find My application?

The catch with these alternatives is that most don’t function with the iOS-based Find My app. However, you can still find compatible options like the Chipolo ONE Spot mentioned in this article.

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