Barcode Scanner Apps for the Blackberry

Updated October 6, 2023

This is a Guest Post by Neil Jones, head of marketing for eMobileScan. One of Europe’s leading providers of handheld computers including the Zebra TLP2844 and the ZM400

The Blackberry has a loyal list of users who prefer this smart phone to any other. It offers a world of convenience at your fingertips and with a set of applications, becomes the perfect substitute for a laptop computer combined with a host of other devices. Often, it is easier to scan a barcode than type a long name or web address. This facility is now available on the Blackberry through a number of apps. The advantage of barcode scanning helps people become smart customers with the ability to compare prices in stores and getting the best bargain. These apps are available for most smart phones and the list of barcode scanner apps for the Blackberry include:

Scanlife Barcode Reader

Scanlife barcode reader helps to transform the camera phone into a complete barcode scanner that can read all types of barcodes like Datamatrix, EZcode, QR and UPC. It is the only Blackberry app that can read all these barcodes. It comes free for download and is very quick in accessing websites to make price comparisons. The barcodes can be scanned from printed material, books, groceries, business cards and digital displays. The Scanlife website helps to create your own barcode than can then be linked to your website or social networking website.


Mobiletag barcodes reader

Mobiletag barcodes reader scans all types of barcodes like Datamatrix, flashcode, QR codes, 1D UPC and EAN 13 codes. Being a universal reader, it is a big asset while shopping since its additional price comparator hunts for the best price bargain on the web and local stores. This can also be downloaded free of charge.


Bee Tagg

Bee Tagg QR reader is a two-dimensional barcode scanner that uses the Blackberry camera to scan barcodes on any product or label. It then decodes the information and displays details like ingredients, components, URLs and any text. It specializes in scanning 2D barcodes like Datamatrix, QR code and Bee Tagg Code. The website also enables generation of your own 2D barcode. This app can be downloaded free.


ATT Code Scanner

The AT&T Code Scanner helps to read QR, 2D and Datamatrix barcodes with ease from the Blackberry. It can be used for scanning barcodes online and those found in print media to check prices and products for getting the best products and prices. Users can create their own barcodes with the help of Create-a-Code at, which can then be used on social networking sites. It is available free for downloading.



Neo Reader is one of the best Blackberry barcode scanning apps. Using the phone’s camera to scan barcodes, it provides instant access to a world of information while on the move. It comes with NeoMedia’s patented resolution technology and has multiple in built features to facilitate usage. It can scan all Data Matrix, QR codes, EAN, UPC and Code 128 barcodes.


Each of these apps makes the Blackberry an even more powerful and useful device that makes things easier for all its users, helping them buy smartly and save money through excellent bargains at the lowest prices.


  • @CodeUPC

    Blackberry is a business application phone. There are lot of application in it. It is a good that now bar code scanning application available for iPhone.

  • I had no idea that it was possible to scan with a Blackberry- and that there are so many free options is awesome! Will definitely have to investigate.

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