Garmin Instinct Review

Updated October 6, 2023

Garmin Instinct

Smartwatches have taken over the market for the last 3-4 years now. Not only smartphones, but the smartwatch has also become very competitive now. For better fitness results and awareness, many people use these watches. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have done quite exceptional work in this field. Not only the tech companies but also the famous watch brands have joined the list too with the likes of Fossil, Michael Kors and Garmin. Though many people in India are not buying many of these, still many studies show that the sales of smartwatches will increase exponentially in the coming years. Choose to explore buying online with available Snapdeal Coupons today for best discounted rates.

Garmin launched its new Instinct smartwatch which is its first military-grade product. Launched in three different color variants: Tundra, Flame Red, and Graphite, the new Garmin Instinct is priced at Rs. 26,990. But, is it worth it? Let’s check out in the Garmin Instinct review below:


Garmin instinct gets fiber-reinforced polymer material with the dimension of 45 x 45 x 55.3mm with the weight of 52 grams. Coming to the display, it carries monochrome sunlight visible and transreflective MIP display having 128 x 128 pixels. The looks are quite rugged like any military gear has. The strap is very comfortable in your wrist and looks premium too.

The battery packs rechargeable lithium-ion battery and packs 16MB of memory. For connectivity options, it includes Bluetooth and ANT+. As per Garmin itself, they claim that the watch has been tested under US Military standards coupled with MIL-STD-810G thermal, water, and shock testing. Moreover, the product can be easily coupled with QuickFit 22 bands and gets a 10ATM/100 meters water rating.

The round dial has five buttons on its sides- three on the lift while on the right, there are two only. At the left, you get CTRL, MENU and ABC buttons. Furthermore, the MENU and ABC can also be used as the UP and DOWN button. The round dial shows the date, day and heart rate at the top. The battery life can be seen on the bottom of the screen.


The Garmin new product, Instinct is not the touchscreen smartwatch but only bears five buttons which serve all the purpose. Though many of the users might feel it very disgusting, but still it is what it is. It might take you a week or so to get used to this watch and its features.

The CTRL button is the power on button and also it acts as the backlight providing a button. Long pressing the MENU button will display three options on the screen including Watch Face, Settings and History. The Watch Face feature lets you customize the icons. Meanwhile, History keeps the history of your activities which are accessible through Records, Totals, and Options. On the other hand, Settings has different settings which you can change or play with to bring something attractive and new to the watch.

Long pressing CTRL button opens up menu options including Power Off, Backlight, Lock Keys, Do Not Disturb and many more. The Garmin Instinct has a big chunk of features and customization options like target, elevation etc. The watch packs sensors like GPS, barometer, compass, GLONASS, Galileo Elevate wrist heart rate monitor, and accelerometer.

Coming to the battery life, the device gets charged very quickly- in about an hour. The device easily gives 4-5 days easily if you use the device for 40-45 minutes only- for GPS tracking and navigation. If you want full day GPS tracking, you will easily get a single day of fuel. As per Garmin, the Instinct can easily give you 14 hours on GPS modes and on UltraTrac Mode, it gives 35 hours.

You can easily pair the watch with your Android smartphone, the watch gets smartphone’s notifications and responds to calls and texts. Moreover, there is an app called Garmin Connect app, you can dig in the device deep. You can choose to explore some of the latest gadgets online today by available Amazon Coupons.


If you are looking for a smartphone to track your steps you take in a day or the distance you have covered, then clearly Garmin Instinct smartwatch is not for you. The smartwatch is not bounded to that but is built for very rugged conditions like trekking, rock climbing, river crossing and adventurous stuff like that. Priced at Rs. 26,990, Garmin Instinct is solid and tough with no touchscreen tech but military looks. So, if you are up to all that, this watch is not a bad choice at all. All said, the Garmin Instinct watch straight away target those who are willing to go into the wild, for the adventurous vagabond junkies who love to spend each minute as their last- such a toughness and sheerness in the product with some tech gimmick only suits them and is best for them at the price around thirty grand.

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