Email Marketing Guide: Top Trends to Follow in 2020

Updated October 6, 2023

Almost every individual in developed and developing countries has an email account, and this the fact is what many online stores use to increase their sales quota. A study by Statistica showed that, currently, there are more 3.7 billion people in the world who use email. Another study by Adobe showed that millennials spend around 6.4 hours each day reading their emails. Some few years ago, not every person knew that having an email address carried so many significances until, all of a sudden, it was a prerequisite when applying for a job, or creating an online account. The importance that was attached to owning an email address is what made the number of users increase drastically over the years. And with the current trend, the number is set to increase in the coming years.

Email Marketing

As a result of this, online stores and other e-outlets use email marketing to reach out to their customers. For potential customers to access an online store, they need to create an account and, to do so, they need an email address. The customers in question may add several items and products to his or her cart and may end up not buying them. If this attitude is replicated in every customer, there will be a sharp decline in the number of monthly sales. To prevent this decline from happening, you should employ proven digital marketing strategies, specifically, follow the leading email marketing trends.

Trends are so-called for a reason – they are constantly evolving. If you are oblivious of the current digital marketing strategies, you will not be unable to maximize the consumer data that you have in your possession. You can do so much with the consumer emails that you have in your possession. But you can only do so much to the extent of what you know. This is why this article will provide you with the necessary information that you need to know about the current trends in the world of digital marketing (email marketing) – so, do well to read until the last full-stop.

Most people assume that to effectively carry out email marketing, you need to know how to program, whether basic or advanced. Well, the truth is, you do not need any form of programming knowledge to effectively run promotional campaigns via emails. There are tools/software that can be used for email marketing. Programmers are the ones who created these tools so that non-programmers can use them without any hassle. An example of such tool is eSputnik. This email marketing tool offers multichannel marketing campaigns, that is, with one account you can send campaigns via email, web push, SMS, Viber and mob push.

Before delving into the top trends in the email marketing microcosm, let’s consider some of the benefits of email marketing.

  1. Improves brand recognition: You can leave an indelible mark in the mind of your customers by creating emails that are tailored to what they like or want. And you can do this based on how they interact with your website.
  2. Builds better relationship with users: Your end-users will acknowledge the emails you send because they know that it is from you. The emails sent will not be regarded as spam, especially when it has great contents. And, no one, absolutely no one, ignores a carefully written email
  3. Audience specific content: Based on how your consumers use your website, you can have an idea of their likes and dislikes. With this information, you can create contents that are specific to a set of people, thereby, ensuring that they will revisit your website.

Now that you have read some of the benefits of email marketing, let’s delve right into the top trends to follow in 2020.

Here are some trends to follow in 2020

  • User-Generated Contents: Nothing excites existing users or potentials users like seeing contents curated from the feedbacks given by other customers, who used your products or services. it further excites users when they see the pictures, names and location of the users who provide the feedbacks, showing that they are real. This particular trend is quite popular on social media platforms, and it had proven to be useful in email marketing as well. There are two ways you can go about user-generated contents. One, you can share user-generated contents in your promotional campaigns. Two, you can include interactive contents in your email marketing messages to collect user-generated contents.
  • Use Animation, GIFS and Videos: Each day, people get numerous marketing emails, and not every user would devote time to reading long contents. If the content of your email marketing messages is all words and no pictures or videos, the user will get bored. This kind of response defeats the whole purpose of email marketing. So, include videos, animations, pictures of GIFs. You can include videos by linking to an image in the email.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning: The particular feature recently gained traction in the email marketing ecosystem. AI allows you to send personalized emails to your email list – and all you do is, sit back and watch as your web traffic skyrockets. AI and machine learning, based on the activity of users, can select the best time to send an email, pick an eye-catching email subject line, and add follow-up content specific to each subscriber.
  • Subscriber’s Control: Users find it tiring when they receive lots of marketing emails from one source, it could cause them to unsubscribe. Hence, it is best if you allow users to choose the kind of emails they want to receive and, at the same time, its frequency.

It may sound like to follow these trends, you will need to pay a lot of money for it. Well, with eSputnik, you can have all of these features and much more at an affordable price. Also, you can request for a demo. As they say, a trial will convince you!

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