ADSL Broadband Vs Leased Line Providers in the UK

Updated October 6, 2023

Broadband Guide for Start-up Businesses

The advances in technology, among other things, mean that bandwidth requirements are increasing by half each and every year. For business owners this heralds the need for upgrades to their connectivity: businesses with 10Mbps connections now need 100Mbps; those with 100Mbps move up to 1 Gbps and so on. They also need a more secure and reliable connection to stay competitive in a saturated market, that is why they are looking out for a better network solution that meets their demands – a solution offered by leased line providers in the UK.

Why Your Existing Connection Is Not Enough

 ADSL, although widely spread, has a number of flaws as compared to leased lines.


Currently, ADSL broadband technology offers up to 24 Mbps speed, and more often than not such speed is enough for home users and home offices. However, the advertised speeds are only available if your premises are close to the local telephone exchange, and this is not always the case. The further you are from the exchange, the slower your connection. It is an inherent flaw of the technology based on copper wires of a public telephone network.

What’s more, ADSL service is prone to contention: since it is a shared network, you may experience slowdowns at peak hours. This problem does not exist if you have a dedicated line from leased line providers across the UK.

Faster uploads

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the advertised ADSL speed is valid for both upload and download. In reality, your upload speed is only a fraction of this number, and that’s exactly why the technology is called ADSL, with A standing for asynchronous.

It may be a non-issue if your main concern is surfing the web; however, many business applications such as teleconferencing or cloud storage require adequate upstream, making leased line providers in the UK a more viable option.

Security and Reliability

As mentioned above, ADSL broadband connection relies on copper wires of a public telephone network. Unfortunately, not only does this mean slower speeds, it also means frequent (and sometimes lengthy) maintenance works that may disrupt your business operation at any time without notice. Fibre-opticcables used in leased lines provide better reliability, and they are not susceptible to electric interference that causes transmission errors.

As for security, although leased line providers in the UK cannot guarantee 100% protection from cyber attacks, their technology is inherently more secure: simply put, data transmission occurs between the points controlled by your business, which means you are not sharing information on a public data network.

Business-grade Connectivity From Leased Line Providers in the UK is the Best Option

A dedicated line does cost more than other broadband options; however, its advantages can’t be beat. Higher speeds and scalability is just one of them; with a leased line, you also get better reliability and security of your connection. These are important issues to be taken into consideration when choosing your Internet service provider, as a tiny glitch disrupting your business operation can cost you thousands in losses.

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