5 Ways To Make Your Wireless Broadband Internet Faster

Updated October 6, 2023

In the internet browsing world today, with the advent of broadband internet connection and the fast way it has taken over the browsing world, there have been various ways by which people get to the internet using broadband internet connection. Apart from the usb modem internet connection method, there have been other methods of 3g internet connections like cable internet connection, wireless internet connection and so on. But many people believe that the wireless is a very slow type of connection. A wireless connection is another reliable means of connection to the internet through broadband. If your wireless internet connection is slow, it is for some reasons. Here in this article, we shall be seeing some things that can slowdown the speed of your wireless internet connection. If you follow the instructions below, your wireless internet connection speed is going to improve.

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Don’t Use Around Thick Obstructive Walls

Using a wireless internet connection behind thick walls can be very unproductive that other wireless enabled devices that seek connection from the wireless router or server will not be able to get very strong signals from the host computer or router which means the connection speed would be slow. In order for you to enjoy maximum speed in your wireless internet connection avoid thick and obstructive walls when networking. Thick and obstructive walls bar the signal strength of a wireless internet connection.

Check For The Best Area Of Signals

Another thing that is very important when installing a wireless internet connection is checking for the signal strength of the location you want to install the wireless network. There are some areas that do not favor the sharing of wireless network. This is because the radio wave effects in those particular areas are not powerful enough to broadcast the wireless network which means the speed of the network of any wireless connection installed in that particular area will be slow. Whenever you want to install a wireless network in a particular area, check for the signal strength of that area before going ahead to install the wireless network.

Use Amplifiers In Storey Buildings

Amplifiers are devices that are used to strengthen the signal strength of radioactive waves. The work of an amplifier is to make stronger the signal strength of a wireless device within a specific range. Wireless networks do not often give strong signal strength in storey buildings when the router broadcasting the network is not in the same block with the other systems that are receiving the network. So to strengthen the signal power of the wireless network in a storey building, an amplifier has to be introduced to make the effect of the wireless stronger.

Use Wireless In Wide Spaces

For a very maximal effect in the delivery speed of a wireless network, always use the wireless in a very spacious room. Let the area you are installing the wireless network be wide enough to make the wireless router broadcast effectively. And don’t let the router be hidden behind thick objects or confined in an enclosed place like boxes.

Place Your Router On High Places

It is also very advisable that when installing a wireless router within a specified space, make sure the router is placed above the computers that the network is being broadcasted to. When you take note of cyber cafes where wireless internet networks are being used you will notice that the routers are placed on high places. This makes the broadcasting of the network better and the speed faster. The higher the router is placed above other systems, the better the speed.

Author:- This is a guest post by Paul who writes for the Broadband Expert mobile broadband comparison site.


  • All great tips for wireless networks. Nothing worse than a slow Wi-Fi with dead spots. Just bougt a new router with 802.11n myself, the coverage area is fantastic.

  • Lakhyajyoti

    Great tips to make our WiFi more faster.Can you suggest any amplifier to strengthen the signal?

  • Hi Bilal

    Its been a long time to visit your blog , but looks great. Really wonderful tips you shared here.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Thiru@ I am glade to see you back. Keep visiting to find more informative articles.

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