Combining traditional and digital marketing for a killer campaign

Updated October 6, 2023

Digital Marketing

It’s easy to assume that digital is best when it comes to creating killer marketing campaigns, but there are plenty of traditional methods that work equally as well. In fact, traditional and digital means of marketing often go hand in hand to produce successful results.

Whether you’re running a promotion to shift certain products or it’s a brand new business, campaigns are an essential part of building your client base and raising awareness of what you do. By combining traditional and digital marketing tools, you’ll reach a larger audience while making the most of your material.

Much of the material produced digitally can easily be used for more traditional marketing methods and can even be done in-house. This marketing tactic is great for businesses attempting to target local customers. If you’ve designed a promotional poster for your company’s social media, all you need is a printer and some good quality printer cartridges to post a few around your town.

Local community boards are a great way of reaching out to your immediate area and new businesses will benefit from leaving such material in other shops or cafes if possible. Word of mouth spreads fast so you’ll be sure to gain some local support that may not have found your business otherwise. Bring them along to business events to create an eye-catching stand or hand them out as people walk by.

Digital newsletters are amazing for keeping in touch with clients, updating them on the latest news and offers to keep them coming back for more. Why not take this a step further by sending out printed newsletters once a month? According to Entrepreneur, printed newsletters work so well because it expresses appreciation to the customer which is far more personal than an email. Including an exclusive offer in both digital and printed newsletters acts as an incentive to stay loyal to your brand rather than looking at competitors.

Having dedicated social media accounts is an imperative element of running a successful business in the modern world. There are so many features to help promote your campaign; creating your own campaign hashtag on Twitter, for example, is sure to get people clicking. There are traditional methods of marketing that can boost your clicks and help people remember your company accounts, which can be difficult when you’re meeting clients.

Potential contacts are unlikely to remember URLs or phone numbers from the top of their head and a scribbled note looks unprofessional. Business cards are the best way of getting around this, giving customers everything they need to find your company. Remember to include some information about your business as well as contact information and you’ll be good to go.

If you want to open your business up to a wider area, combining digital and traditional methods is sure to introduce your campaign to a larger audience. As mentioned, social media is a wonderful tool when it comes to marketing. It has the ability to bring your campaign to users across the globe – if used to the best of its ability.

Traditional marketing, such as printed magazines and billboards, may not have as much potential reach but is better for targeting specific audiences. If you’re an IT guru, for example, push for an advertisement in a technology magazine. Lime Valley has some great tips for choosing the right publication for particular target audiences if you need some inspiration.

Regardless of the industry you’re involved in, both traditional and digital marketing methods have a place in creating successful campaigns. It allows you to get the most out of your money by reusing sources creatively, helping to reach more people and create a buzz, as campaigns always should.

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