4 Ways You Can Increase Profit Margins: Mail Merge Software, Marketing Tactics, and Other Tips

Updated October 6, 2023

Email is one of the best ways that you can reach your audience on a personal, more individual level. However, many people may be intimidated by creating and sending email flows to subscribers due to the importance of making your emails compelling. We can assure you that with some simple changes, you’ll be upping your sales and profit margins in no time. By using helpful tools such as mail merge softwares, simple design principles and tactics, as well as basic organization planning, you’ll be sending excellent and captivating emails in no time.

Use a Mail Merge Software

One of the best ways to increase your profits through email marketing is with a mail merge software, as you’ll be able to spend less time organizing contacts and creating lists and be able to spend more time working on the actual contents of the flow. Our favorite is GMass, an extension of Gmail that allows you to send mass emails, organize contact lists, and even personalize your emails. This is an incredibly helpful and powerful tool that can help you heighten your open rates, eventually leading to a higher conversion rate. With personalized emails, the recipient is more likely to open it because it is addressed specifically to them. From there, if the contents of your email are up to par, you may just get a sale! Using this helpful tool to save time and money is highly important to your success in email marketing.

Separate Your Email Flows Into Categories

When you’re sending an email, it should have a specific purpose and shouldn’t include more than one category at the same time. We typically separate our email marketing flows into several different categories—some of these being e-commerce, newsletter, checkout information, or even an abandoned cart notification. If you mix these components together, your readers will begin to become confused and will be more likely to delete your email or unsubscribe altogether. By having a set purpose for each flow that you send to your subscribers, you’ll be more successful in your email marketing and will be on the way to more conversion sales.

Keep a Consistent, Clean Design

Even if you have a great subject line, consumers can still be turned off by the design (or lack thereof) of your email. People don’t want to read large bodies of text, but rather look through appealing images with a lesser amount of words. This makes your emails much more digestible and will allow for a better click-through rate, as they’ll be more likely to continue reading if the layout is visually appealing. You don’t have to be an expert designer to make something appealing that people will be interested in reading, and templates are always available, too.

Include Call to Actions

Even if you have a great subject line and body copy, if you don’t have any call to actions, your subscribers will get lost in the email and not be sure where to go. What this means is that there is a dead end for their user journey—there aren’t any links telling them to “buy now” or “learn more”, meaning that they will simply close out of the email and not return. This is the worst possible case scenario, as you’re actively losing sales without a direct path to your website. We like to make our call to actions larger than the rest of the body copy as well as a different color to help them stand out and be more visually appealing to click on.


Overall, there is a wide variety of ways that you can start increasing your profits through email marketing. As one of the best ways to reach your audience in a personal way, it’s becoming more and more important to up your email marketing efforts and start creating personalized, visually appealing flows. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll start seeing an increase in sales and profits coming specifically from your flows in no time.