Reliable and Efficient Approach to Boost Your Promotional Instagram Campaigns

Updated October 6, 2023

So, you managed to craft the best visual content for your Instagram business account. And now you are thinking about whether or not you should buy Instagram followers to increase your engagement rate. Of course, there is a lot of debate on this topic, as many say this can harm your marketing endeavours. But our experts say that buying Instagram followers from trustworthy services has the power to increase your account’s visibility and lead to an impressive conversion rate.

From our experience, SocialBoss is one of the few reliable companies that can improve and provide you with real followers on Instagram. Their team takes the time to analyze a business, its approach on social media and goals so that they identify the best marketing approach to increase your audience database. And if this does not convince you, here are some additional advantages that might come from using their service:

  • Access to a professional and experienced team that helped businesses from all over the world;
  • Access to real marketing strategies that will get you real followers and engagement;
  • Peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about spending time dealing with the aftermath of potentially dangerous fake accounts.

The first thing you need to do is to forget the idea that buying followers is bad. As a matter of fact, one of the most efficient promotional strategies on Instagram is to increase your followers’ database via special services. Such approaches can add value and attract new audiences to your account. Secondly, you should take your time to do some research about the services that offer you the chance to purchase followers from them. There are plenty of unreliable distributors, which won’t get you access to real accounts.

Anyhow, if you are considering purchasing new followers on Instagram, this article is for you. Read on to find out all you need to know about how to increase your followers’ database this year.

The truth about buying Instagram followers

In case you didn’t already know, Instagram’s algorithm selects content to show more frequent based on its engagement rate and popularity amongst a specific audience. As such, if you aim to reach additional followers, your content needs to get as much attention as possible. Keep in mind that:

  • This platform labels pages with a large number of followers and impressive engagement as useful and interesting for other audiences, too.
  • The more traffic and engagement your account have, the higher the possibility of gaining a top place in newsfeed or search boxes.

Hence, purchasing followers appears to be a reliable and efficient approach to boost your promotional campaigns on Instagram. Still, you should always remember that this can be an efficient approach only if you purchase your followers from a trustworthy service. If you buy followers from a service that doesn’t get you access to real accounts, you will end up messing your account’s statistics, and you might risk complete removal from the platform.

Here’s why you should avoid buying cheap followers from obscure providers:

#1 Fake followers lead to fake popularity

The idea on Instagram is that the broader your followers’ database is, the more activity there will be. But if your audience is fake, such engagement won’t happen, and you risk triggering a flag for Instagram’s algorithm. And as a result, you might end up having your account blocked due to suspicious activity. This is why it is rather crucial to purchase Instagram followers from trustworthy services. Besides, your existing audience might sense something is going on, and you might risk losing them too. No one wants to follow an account with false expectations and fake popularity.

#2 Beware of Purge

If you use Instagram for business purposes, you most likely heard about the purge approach. From now and then, Instagram starts a so-called cleaning process under the name purge. It does its best to remove fake followers or likes, meaning that even though you have an impressive audience database, you might discover there are little to no followers left for your account. Just take the time to think about the moment Ariana Grande’s account was purged by Instagram and lost all its popularity. It was a controversial action that shed a lot of negative light on the American singer’s status and popularity.

Instagram places a lot of value on being transparent and trustworthy. This is why purchasing fake followers is viewed as a direct violation of their regulations. As a result, during the purge, anything you might’ve accomplished with counterfeit followers will get deleted, and you won’t be reimbursed for the money you spent on it.

#3 Fake accounts are useless

Well, you should know that achieving an extensive database of fake followers won’t increase your business sales. Credibility is a must on social media platforms, which is why you should always avoid skipping corners by purchasing followers from unreliable sources. Instead, selecting a reliable service that can provide access to real Instagram accounts and followers can add a lot of value for your brand. Such an audience is more likely to complete a purchase, offer a genuine recommendation, and contribute to your overall promotional endeavours. Also, real followers add up to the engagement and discovery rate your account has.

#4 Fake accounts harm your reputation

Another reason why you should avoid purchasing cheap and fake followers from obscure businesses is that they can harm your brand’s reputation. Hence, if your audience discovers you are cutting corners and use fake accounts to your advantage, you will lose its trust. Besides, there is no one online user who wants to follow an account with a bad reputation.

#5 Fake followers can harm your brand’s image

There are so many harmful events that can come from purchasing cheap followers. But the most notable one is the negative impact on your brand’s image. So, if you notice that you bought followers from a service that gets you to access to empty accounts, you should stop using it. There is no value for your business, and it can impact your image in a bad way.

So, is there a way to buy real followers?

Now that you know why you should avoid fake followers, you most likely wonder which service to use to access real accounts. So, you should be ready to invest in a reliable service, which will take the time to analyze your account’s activity and goals. With this information in mind, they can promote and boost your brand’s popularity on Instagram. You should always avoid purchasing cheap followers, as those might make your brand lose its reputation and trustworthiness. Instead, accessing real accounts will add a lot of value to your brand.

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