Turn Your Phone into Your Personal Assistant with Leading-Edge Technology

Updated October 6, 2023

Turn Your Phone into Your Personal Assistant

With today’s mobile devices, you can take not just your communication but your whole life wherever you go. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and machine learning technologies are becoming increasingly supported on new mobile devices with cutting-edge processors, which enable technology to get more done for you, all on one device.

Your smartphone, tablet or mobile PC can become your personal assistant available 24/7 not just at the touch of your finger but at the command of your voice and even of your gestures. Today’s artificial intelligence platforms allow your device to learn your voice and speech patterns and act as a better-than-life virtual assistant that helps you with everything from shopping to scheduling; powerful platforms like Snapdragon from Qualcomm can also run AI applications on your smartphone without relying on the cloud. Here are the latest apps that make your smart device even smarter.

ROAR: An Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant

ROAR is an augmented reality app that uses your device’s camera to help you shop. Take a picture of any product and watch the app instantly scour pricing comparisons, user reviews, bookings and more. It tells you everything you need to know about products and purchases, and you can “scan” virtually any item under the sun with just your camera.

Google Translate: Your Translator

Google Translate can become your personal translator on command when you direct your camera at text you need translated. Through augmented reality technology, Google instantly translates any foreign text into the language of your choice without you having to type, speak or search. It saves time and gives you personal translation totally for free.

Edison Assistant: Your Virtual Assistant

Formerly called EasilyDo, Edison Assistant is an AI-powered app that acts as your personal assistant helping you manage contacts, to-do lists and your calendar. It connects with your email, calendar social media, Evernote and more to help you with reminders and notes all in one place. It even reminds you of meetings you arranged by email that never made it into your calendar.

If you’re a frequent traveler, Edison Assistant can be your travel assistant by automatically generating your digital boarding pass using online check-in confirmation emails from airlines. Do you hate emails? With the power of AI and machine learning, Edison Assistant helps you respond to your emails by suggesting responses for you. You can use most of Edison Assistant’s features for free, or get more features starting at $5 a month.

Robin: Your AI Voice Assistant

Robin is a voice command app for Android that gives you hands-free help when it comes to anything from navigation to calling and responding to emails. Whenever you think of something you’ll need to be reminded of later, just ask Robin to remind you. Ask it about the weather, traffic, news or your own personal meetings and communications. It’s your all-in-one knowledge wizard that many users have chosen over other AI assistants like Google Assistant and Siri. Whether multitasking is your thing or you’re always time-strapped, Robin can help you send texts and emails hands-free with just your voice.

Letting Your Device Work for You

We all could use help with time management, task management and organizing our lives. Your mobile device can be your digital assistant for a fraction of the cost of a real-life personal assistant, who doesn’t offer 24/7 access or the benefits of AI technology. AI-powered assistants can get to know you as well as you know yourself and take your smartphone to a whole new level.

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