How Do I Stop People From Signing Up With A Fake Email Address?

Updated October 6, 2023

E-mail Marketing

Nowadays, you need to sign up with your Email address for every single thing. This has become a fundamental step before using any product or service. This is done to identify the user and maintain the information of the customers by companies. The database collected is a strategic marketing move that plays an essential part in the sale process. It helps in understanding customer experiences and problems. Spam mails create problems for such businesses in reaching out to their genuine customers. They also slow down the performance of the website.

But have you ever wondered why many people sign up with their fake Email address? There could be many reasons; generally, they do so to avail the short term free service which is generated by an E-Mail address, and after its validity period gets over, they end up making one more. Many visitors also do this because they don’t trust the site or want to avoid non-critical emails in their main email address which gets flooded by these types of notifications. They are also known as web robots or spam bots which are automated software applications used while filling the signup forms on websites. They list and submit the fake signup separately. They can also click links inside emails and fills the information automatically. If you want to confirm the email address which looks suspicious to you by its name you can use the free people search. Free person search helps to find full name, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address and photos by simply entering their name or phone number. This can help you to cross-check if the right person exists or not.

In this article, we will guide you about some steps to provide your websites with fake signups.

  1. Captcha

Captcha is beneficial in differentiating humans from bots through the form of a security check. Humans can only recognize the use of distorted characteristics in this scheme whereas automated scripts face difficulties. However, this won’t control all the spamming but are good for an initial start. On either side, you should keep looking for more security aspects.

  1. Mobile Number Verification

This has been a popular way of identification which is mostly used in the banking sector. The user will receive a verification code on their registered mobile phone which is provided by them in the form. This initiates interaction with a human but those without mobile phones or having network issues could face a problem.

  1. Double Opt-In Process

In this process, a link is sent to the user ID which he needs to confirm by clicking into it. It is a double-opt way but could not be sufficient as bots can also confirm the link by signing in to the account.

  1. Honey Pots

This computer security mechanism set detects the unauthorized use of information to avoid cyber-attacks. They are hidden files that are added in the User Registration form but the humans are unable to see. The CSS or JAVA script helps to hide it to avoid any inconvenience to the users which is useful for them. The spambots fill all the fields including the hidden one which alerts their activity.

  1. Throttling

It has been noticed that the user signs many different newsletters at once with their target email address to distract from their malicious activity. But these tactics have been identified due to adding’s same address into multiple audiences in a short period so they are blocked from adding any other audience till the next 24 hours. This is effective in preventing attacks.

Though differentiating spam ID are difficult but while looking for a spam mail Id focusing on these features might help you.

  • If the user’s email address doesn’t look like a real name or has a strange composition of characters.
  • If the initials and surname which has been filled do not match with the mail address then these consist high chances of being a spam mail ID.


So these were some tips and tricks to avoid fake email addresses from being sign up. Though these do not eliminate the chances but can help a lot to an extent. For avoiding such mails companies can give better communication choices to the user where they can get an option to unsubscribe or can be explained how their mail address would be used. This will probably build loyalty towards the customer.

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