How to Follow Email Etiquette for a Successful Mail Merge Campaign

Updated October 6, 2023

When you start your mail merge campaign, crafting your email message is essential to a successful campaign. Your message is the meat of the campaign and can make the difference between a successful sale or a potential fail. There are basic dos and don’ts when it comes to developing an email, which everyone should follow. No matter your brand voice or target audience, these are the email etiquette techniques you should consider.

Follow Email Etiquette for Your Next Mail Merge Campaign

Use a Professional Email Address

Use a Professional Email Address

If you are sending this email as part of your company, use your company email address. If you are using a personal email address or are self-employed, your address should convey your name. Using a professional email address with your name is crucial because the recipient will know who is sending the email. When sending out your message that is part of your mail merge campaign, never use an inappropriate address that you wouldn’t feel comfortable with clients seeing.

Be Clear in Your Subject Line

Inboxes are filled with hundreds of emails every single day, which means yours has to stand out from the crowd. The subject line should get right to the point, be reasonably straightforward, and descriptive about what the main message is. Make sure that your message won’t land in a spam box, avoid all caps, lowercase letters, and do not include URLs and exclamation points. Your subject line should also match your message, which means you should not click-bait your audience. Click-baiting can lead to great results in open rates, but the opens will usually not turn into actual customers.

Always Spell Check

Sending an email with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes will have recipients immediately adding it to their trash folder. Read over your email multiple times and have others on your team read it over as well. Spelling errors could imply that you are lazy or careless, which is not the image you want to portray. Along with reviewing your spelling, consider the meaning of the emojis that you are choosing. If you are using emojis in your email, they could have various meanings for different target audiences. Some audiences may see the use of any emojis as incompetent, so it is crucial to keep your target audience in mind and tread lightly with emojis.

Use Exclamation Marks Sparingly

The use of exclamation marks can come across as hyper and overexcited, which is not always the mood in every email. In general, exclamation marks are not considered professional, so keep them out of your writing as much as possible. An exception would be if you are targeting a younger audience and want to get them excited about something regarding your brand. As a rule of thumb, try to use exclamation marks as little as possible or leave them out altogether.

Be Cautious With Humor

Humor can easily get lost in translation without the correct facial expressions or tone, which you don’t have when sending an email. A small joke can be easily misinterpreted and is probably best avoided. You do not want to offend another person in your industry or a potential client in a professional setting. Something you think is funny may not be to someone else — when in doubt, leave it out.

Don’t Assume Your Email Is Confidential

Intentionally or unintentionally, anyone can share anything you write in an email. You should keep that in mind when typing out your email for your mail merge campaign. Don’t type out anything that you wouldn’t say publicly, and especially don’t write anything that could come back and haunt you. Emails have been and can be admissible in court. On that note, never write out an email while angry. At the moment, you might want to share your feelings but can raise the recipient’s defense, and they are never productive.

Starting your mail merge campaign is exciting and can lead to growth in business, but your messaging must attract your customers. Using the correct etiquette in an email will show that you are professional and trustworthy, which is what you want to show potential customers or clients. Always consider your brand’s voice, your target audience, and keep in mind these etiquette rules to ensure a successful email campaign.

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